Monday, December 2, 2013

Back to school after a week off and a mom & me date in the afternoon.

Dec. 2nd...........  day 336

* The day started out not so good...My phone shut itself off during the night, so I woke up late. Which meant I woke Nixon up late. He wasn't really excited to wake up until I told him it was school day. Then he was almost too upset to get up because he was going to miss me. 
   Eventually, with the help of some fresh-from-the-dryer-clothes, Nixon was ready for school.  

* After school, which Nixon had a mostly good day at, he and I had a wonderful mom & me date at the local mall followed by lunch at Denny's. We rode the little train they've got set up at the mall, which Nixon was so happy I let him ride because the last time we were at the mall he didn't get to ride it. He also got to see the giant fish tank at the mall and see the pufferfish, his favorite fish in the tank. 

* Tonight, as Nixon got ready for bed, he asked about our tree and other holiday decorations. They're all in our storage unit at the moment, but I told him if he cleans up his whole room before I wake up in the morning we can go get everything tomorrow and start decorating.
    He was so excited he almost didn't go to sleep, he wanted to stay up and clean his room.

My awesome lunch date (and BeBe) and I, on the train at the mall. 

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