Thursday, January 31, 2013

"I have bad troubles,mommy"

* Nixon: Mommy, I have bad troubles.
   me: You have bad troubles? Like what?
   Nixon: I can't open my cars gummies, I have bad troubles, mom. This is serious, stop laughing!

* Nixon: Can I have a hug, mommy?
   me: Of course *hugs him*
  Nixon: I am a boy?
   me: what? Are you asking if you are a boy?
  Nixon: Yes.
  me: Nixon, yes, you are a boy, as far as I know.
  Nixon: Aw...thank you mommy, thank you.
  me: Thank you? For letting you be a boy?
  Nixon: Yes, mommy.

January comes to an end....

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

"You look good mommy"

* Nixon came up behind me, while I was loading the washing machine, and says "Mommy, you look good loading the laundry." You'd think it was him being sarcastic, but he's being totally complimentary when he says this. And he says it to other people. He's said it to Mac, to his Aunt F, to Amber (our cat). He's very generous with him compliments, which is wonderful since I'm in the middle of losing weight.

* Tornado watch in January? Sure, why not. Nixon's sleeping in bed with me, Mac's at work tonight.

he's leaving me a little room in the bed...who knew a little guy was capable of taking over a  giant bed on his own!

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

He's so perfectly ours

* Nixon tried a new tactic to get me out of bed today. He did his usual hugs and kisses. When I tried to get Mac to get up with him, Nixon cupped my cheek and said "Mommy, you need coffee". Yep, that's how he knows me very well these days!

* While reading Baby Avengers vs Baby X-Men, Nixon got super excited and said "What you got Cyclops?" right along with me at when I pointed to the box. Then he says "Mommy, I said the words!" proud as could be.

Love him, his crazy ways and his silly him!

Monday, January 28, 2013

"gimme a silly hug"

* I'm choosing to believe this was done as an apology for yesterday's behavior: Nixon let me sleep in until 10am. He did not destroy anything, having spent most of that time in bed watching cartoons or randomly showering my face with kisses and telling me "Mommy, have good dreams. I loves you".

* Nixon walked up to Mac and said "Daddy, can you gimme a silly hug?" A silly hug, for those not in-the-know, is a hug that ends up with Nixon laughing while being hugged. It can involve tickles, or raspberries on the face, or just Mac rubbing his chin stubble on Nixon's cheek...doesn't really matter how he gets to laughing, so long as he's laughing!

using BeBe as a shield from my camera and, very smart!

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Guess who's getting a new hair brush??

* Nixon's new way to ask for something to eat:
"Mommy, I need food so I can grow big like Daddy. That's bigger than you!"

* After his nap today, Nixon was in a real pisser of a mood. He spit in my glass of soda...twice. Then, when I was talking to him about that, he dry spit (that "pfft" but no actual spit) at me. After he was done with his punishment for that one, I found him in the bathroom....pulling my hair brush out of the toilet.

...ugg, this age is rough.

* Using my phone tonight, Nixon swings BeBe into the phone which hits my lips and teeth...ouch! Not the best way to end our night. After he went to bed, we talked everything out...the spitting, the brush in the toilet and the using BeBe as a weapon.. ending with hugs, kisses and lots of "I love you"s. About 20 minutes after Nixon was in bed, he came out and into my bedroom, where I was, and said "Mommy, I sorry I broke your heart because I was mean. I love you, your my best friend." He got more hugs and kisses and was tucked back into bed.

tomorrow can only be better than today.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

This one's a little lengthy..sorry

*Nixon: I'm hungry.
  Mac: okay...
  Nixon: * exaggerated point to his own chest* We want toast!
  Mac: Don't refer to yourself in the 3rd person, this ain't hollywood.

* There was another comic book signing at Third Eye Comics today. Nixon and I got there about 45 minutes before doors opened.
(Now there's this horrible stereotype that only children identify with adults better than kids their own age. I guess Nixon has it easier than some kids because his parents hang out with adults who are into "kid-like" things, like comics.)
While Mac was in line getting his comics signed by the writer Dennis Hopeless, Nixon was showing his Star Wars Angry Birds blind bag to illustrator Mike Norton. He simply walked over to him and said "Look at this" and then said when asked which one was his favorite Nixon pointed to the stormtrooper and said "he is". Then Mike Norton asked Nixon "which one do you think is my favorite?", Nixon said "Well, I think this one is" and pointed to Vadar.
The most amazing thing isn't that Nixon had a conversation, however short it was, with an adult about Star Wars Angry Birds. It was that no one standing in line or walking around the store thought it was odd to see a 4-year old and a grown man talking toys together.

My hope is that this confidence he has now, he keeps forever....

Friday, January 25, 2013

telling the doctor how it is!

*4-year well child check up: 42.5 inches tall and 38 pounds. Our boy is growing strong!

*Nixon told the doctor "Mommy says I have to keep my undies up so no one can look at my peenie"

* 4 shots and Nixon cried less than 10 seconds! What a champ! 

out of the mouth of my babe...what will he say tomorrow?

Thursday, January 24, 2013

It's SNOW!!

* Nixon has not ever played in snow. Until today that is:

* The family ran a few errands this afternoon, in the cold (cut us some slack, this is our first winter in below 50 degree weather in 4 yes, it's cold!). Mac and Nixon had been singing in the car, but when it came time to walk outside, Mac was the only one singing. Nixon says "Dad, can you please stop? It's too cold and I'm trying to walk here."

Probably dreaming of more snow for snowballs...winter's just begun, my son, there will be more!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

"Can you do me a favor?"

* Nixon came to snuggle with Mac and I after his nap. I had rolled over to talk to Mac and Nixon said "MOM, did you just fart?" as I smelled a slight stink. I looked at Mac and said "I think our son just blamed his fart on me!." I asked him "Nixon, did you fart?", he giggled and said "yes". Mac says "He hears us blaming each other or the cats, I guess it was just a matter of time before he started placing blame."

* Nixon: Mommy, can you do me a favor?
  me: what kind of favor?
  Nixon: Can you clean up my big mess *his toys were all over the living room*
  me: No, Nixon, I will not clean up your big mess.
  Nixon: aw coconuts.

* Nixon has started "reading" his comic book with Mac and I. He knows the entire first 3 pages, in order and most of the last 2 pages. Color me proud because I love to read and Mac really loves comic books. I'm getting into them on my own, so we're finding a common bond as a family now.
Nixon takes his favorite comic book to bed with him sometimes...I staged this picture tonight. You are welcome :)

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

"I have bones inside?"

* watching SuperWhy today, Nixon suddenly says to me "Mommy, do I have bones inside?" I tell him "yes" and he says "I do!?" as if it's the most awesome thing ever.

* he's been super loving and affectionate today. I'll take it, give how last night ended.

* Nixon's a choosey eater. He either chooses what he eats or he doesn't eat it. Today he took the egg carton from the fridge and asked for eggs. He scrambled them, I broke the eggs and watched him carefully, then I cooked them. He ate his whole serving of eggs!! He made it, he ate it! I might be onto something here.

* After his nap, Nixon was upset because his Iron Man toy is MIA. He's somewhere in the house, but where exactly is a mystery. The only thing that seemed to distract him was his box of dress-up clothes:

today was such a better day!

Monday, January 21, 2013

Where is my bacon?...would have been tonight's title if Nixon hadn't broken my heart....

* I asked Nixon if he wanted some of the bacon I was baking for my dinner. He said yes and then went off to enjoy his peanut butter and jelly sandwich. About 15 minutes later he comes over and he says "Mommy, where is my bacon? I smell it, but it's not in my tummy!" Of course, we only eat turkey bacon in our house, but I love that he is still excited to eat bacon, just like his dad and I!

* At bedtime, after his agreed on tv bribe time was over, he says to me "I don't love you" because I told him it was bedtime. I told him he just broke my heart and he was to go to his bedroom now. He then said "I'm being bossy and I broke you heart in a lot of pieces. Good night!"
Yeah, not such a good night...
 When it was time to tuck him in, he said he was sorry for being bossy. I told him I wasn't sad he was bossy, I was sad he was say he didn't love me. Eventually, we hugged and kissed and said good night.
his beautiful lips, that perfect mouth I helped create, formed words that hurt me in a way I thought I had years before I'd feel.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

He survived! Mac did too!

* Nixon: I need to set up all my toys so this party can get started!

* Mac was watching playoff pre-game shows and Ray Lewis was on tv. Nixon set up all his stuffed animals facing the tv so they were all watching Ray Lewis talk!
when Ray Lewis talks, even stuffed animals line up to pay attention and listen

* Mac survived taking Nixon to lunch at the mall, without me, and it was meltdown-free! (There was a toy store, a bribe and new toys involved...everything I'd have done if it was just me and Nixon. )

I'm so happy I'm home, I missed him just enough to want to come home. 

Daddy and me mommy allowed!

*Special guest writer today! Mac wrote this blog and sent it to me, in an email with the pictures. I'm just copying and pasting it as is....Enjoy!*

-Nixon:  I kissed Amber's holes
-Dad(Half asleep):  That's good pal,...wait, what?  You mean nostrils?
-Nixon:  No, her holes!

The robot thing:  He put the box that his Iron Cub came in on his
head, positioned where he could see out the "windows" of the box.  He
came over to me, and we stared at each other wordlessly for about 10
seconds.  He then yelled, "I'm a robot!", and then ran away.  We had a
lazy day, watched TV, he played the PSP, I played the Xbox, and did
some housework, we napped, that's about it.  Good times.

I'm so glad he and his dad got to spend an awesome day together....I'll be home tonight! 

Saturday, January 19, 2013

meet mega tron

* Nixon today decided his pj's were all wrong, and ran around the house naked for almost 2 hours. At one point he decided to put 2 buckets over his ears and say "I am Mega Tron"
Mega Tron
* Mac got a haircut and when he was done, Nixon  finally agreed to get his cut. This would not have been possible without the help of Cadbury's finest (egg) being in my purse and Nixon already spotting it. He sat mostly still,while I gave him small bite size pieces as he got his hair cut.
And then he had an epic screaming fit in the store and I had to take him to the car....lovely. But his hair is cut and that is the important thing I'm taking from this.

Daddy took these pictures, I did a little cropping, but they look pretty darn good! Good job, Dad!

Thursday, January 17, 2013

"I slowing down"

* With his Lego's strewn all over the living room floor, and Mac's alarm gone off once, Nixon was working on cleaning up his mess before Mac came down stairs. He thought he could be slick and convince me to help him by claiming "Mommy, I slowing down. I need help. My batteries are broken."
I looked at him and said "Well, since you don't take batteries I guess that means you're broken and broken toys go in the garbage." Nixon says "No Mommy! I'm moving I'm moving!"

* "Get your hands out of your underwear! You are not eating grapes with crotch hands!"
^^this would fall in the category of "sentences that would never have come from my lips until I had a boy".
I love him...he says I'm his best friend.
* "Mommy, you my best friend. I love you."
me: Nixon, I love you too, but you are better than a best friend. Your my son. That means you are stuck with me.
Nixon: Forever?
me: Yep, you will forever be my son. Friends sometimes come and go...
Nixon: Like Aunt Franny moving away?
me:...yep, but mothers and sons are forever.
Nixon: That's way better.
me: You say that now. I give it 8 to 10 years before you change your tune! But thanks for the thought now. This blog will help dry those tears I'll shed years from now.
Nixon: *gets right in my face* No tears mommy, you have a pretty smile!
...all I could do was hug and kiss him after that.
**A little forewarning, the next couple nights blogs will be done differently. Not sure exactly how differently, yet. But, I'm getting some much deserved girls time with "Aunt Franny", as Nixon knows her, who is leaving state soon. Mac will be with Nixon and we're going to do our best to get the blog done, somehow.....just be prepared!**

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Only my kid could see chocolate chips as cookie clothing

* Nixon was eating chocolate chip cookies, when he found one without any chips:
Nixon: Oh no! It's missing all it's chocolate!
me: It is?? It's a naked cookie?
Nixon: *quickly covers the cookie* Don't look at it, it's nakey!
Nixon: *finds one with a lot of chocolate chips* Look the cookie is wearing a pretty dress!

* "You are so super strong mom. You can carry Arwen" (she's my 9.5-10 pound cat)

* Nixon knows I need my glasses to see distances. I keep them on top of my head most times. When he's supposed to be cleaning up his toys, he sits down beside and says "I'm done". I find that hard to believe. "Can I put my glasses on?" He says "Yes, but don't look over there", as he points to where none of his toys have been picked up.

*Please, just fall asleep....mommy has a date with a bag of popcorn and Arrow on dvr!

finally picked a bed and fell asleep...not his bed, but a desperate mommy can't be picky. Until tomorrow...goodnight! 

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

...who's this sexist prick and where did my loving kid go?

* Our washing machine broke last week. Our landlord replaced it a couple days later...
Nixon: Mommy got a brand-new washing machine.
me: what?!
Mac: Why is it Mommy's? Can't it be Daddy's too?
Nixon: No. It's mommy's because mommy loves it. (I really don't)
Mac: But I do laundry too (he says this as he's doing a load of laundry)
Nixon: No, it's only mommy's washing machine!

* Nixon trusts me so deeply sometimes it makes feel unworthy to be his mother. Tonight, as I'm taking my nightly photos of him he rolls over, sees me there, smiles and doesn't even ask what I'm doing. Just goes back to sleep as if I'm not even there, camera in hand. I love that it's not even an odd occurrence to him, to see me in his room late at night with my camera.

he had just fallen back to sleep...well nearly back to sleep.

Monday, January 14, 2013

..let sleeping boys sleep

* Mac came to bed at 830am this morning. I had no idea what time it was *it's so great that I'm sleeping a full night's sleep now!* until he mentioned that Nixon was still sleeping. Nixon came into bed at 1015am! I guess his late movie night with me Saturday night and no nap yesterday finally caught up with him.  I am not complaining.

* Nixon likes to high-five me...all the time! Today I was in the middle of something and didn't have a free hand to give him a high-five, so I said "Nixon, just high-five my face, lightly". My son, the brightest light in my sky says "Mommy, I'm not allowed to high-five you face. You said not too".
Well played, Nixon, well played. He got a kiss and a hug for that!

* another video clip: this time of Nixon playing his first video game (with mac of course)

smooshy sleepy face, snuggling with his bears...the best! 

Sunday, January 13, 2013

even when he's naughty he will say he's sorry

* To give Mac a break while he sleeps, I took Nixon to the zoo today. It wasn't as warm as I had expected it to be, even though I had checked 2 different weather sites before deciding to go, but we toughed it out and went the entire day with Nixon getting only one firm talking-to by me. Most surprising, to me, was when Nixon apologized to a little girl for being bossy to her without even being told to by me! *swooning momma moment*

* Nixon asked me if his hands were warm, while we were at the zoo. I told him, I wasn't sure since they were his hands and asked him to find out. So he sniffed his hands and said "Yeah mom, my hands are hot!" Sometimes the only thing to do is laugh!

* At bedtime tonight, Nixon says to me: "Mommy, cameras are so awesome". I absolutely agree, Nixon!

today was a good day, can tomorrow be another one?

Saturday, January 12, 2013

...and then he gave the most perfect answer ever!

* Nixon says to me: She's so warm, mom.
me: Who is? Arwen? *my cat, who at that moment was curled up, sleeping on me*
Nixon: No, you are hot mommy.
me: I'm hot? Like hot, warm or hot, pretty?
Nixon: pretty. You are hot pretty mommy.
me: And you know exactly how to make mommy happy.
Nixon: High-five mommy!

* with all of Amber's bad behavior, we keep Nixon's bedroom door closed and a gate propped in front of it during the day. Tonight Nixon says to me:
"Mommy, I broke the gate! I am a MONSTER!"
He moved the gate and it fell on the ground, he decided it meant he destroyed it. I decided it meant he's adorable!

* some kids build with Legos and blocks, Nixon chose to build with my Kcups!

I can't wait to see what tomorrow brings....