Thursday, January 17, 2013

"I slowing down"

* With his Lego's strewn all over the living room floor, and Mac's alarm gone off once, Nixon was working on cleaning up his mess before Mac came down stairs. He thought he could be slick and convince me to help him by claiming "Mommy, I slowing down. I need help. My batteries are broken."
I looked at him and said "Well, since you don't take batteries I guess that means you're broken and broken toys go in the garbage." Nixon says "No Mommy! I'm moving I'm moving!"

* "Get your hands out of your underwear! You are not eating grapes with crotch hands!"
^^this would fall in the category of "sentences that would never have come from my lips until I had a boy".
I love him...he says I'm his best friend.
* "Mommy, you my best friend. I love you."
me: Nixon, I love you too, but you are better than a best friend. Your my son. That means you are stuck with me.
Nixon: Forever?
me: Yep, you will forever be my son. Friends sometimes come and go...
Nixon: Like Aunt Franny moving away?
me:...yep, but mothers and sons are forever.
Nixon: That's way better.
me: You say that now. I give it 8 to 10 years before you change your tune! But thanks for the thought now. This blog will help dry those tears I'll shed years from now.
Nixon: *gets right in my face* No tears mommy, you have a pretty smile!
...all I could do was hug and kiss him after that.
**A little forewarning, the next couple nights blogs will be done differently. Not sure exactly how differently, yet. But, I'm getting some much deserved girls time with "Aunt Franny", as Nixon knows her, who is leaving state soon. Mac will be with Nixon and we're going to do our best to get the blog done, somehow.....just be prepared!**

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