Tuesday, December 31, 2013

A look back on 2013...and 365 Quiet Nights, or close to 365, I took some nights off during the year.

Dec. 31st
Happy New Year's Eve!
Day 365
Happy New Year's Eve! This blog was born as an idea last year (2012) about this time. I spent the entire year, with very few exceptions, writing about Nixon's days and adding pictures. It started with pictures of him sleeping, but when he got sick he started sleeping a little lighter and the flash affected his sleep making it harder to take those nightly pictures. I didn't give up though, I added photos from the day instead, when I could.

Tonight, I'll do a post looking back on the top posts of this year.

#10 Jan. 3rd (day 3)

#9 Dec. 1st (day 335)

#8 Aug. 1st (day 215)

#7 Aug. 4th (day 218)

#6 Aug. 18th (day 232)

#5 Feb. 12th (day 43)

#4 July 30th (day 213)

#3 March 21st (day 82)

#2 Aug. 27th (day 241)

#1 Aug. 3rd (day 217)

To everyone who has read this blog during the year: Thank you!
Nixon's getting his party hat ready for tonight!
Happy 2014 everyone!!

Monday, December 30, 2013

"...please let me like you, please"

December 30th, 2013
BeBe is back where he belongs!
Day 364

* Nixon woke up this morning and woke Mac and I up, because he "needs to go downstairs to brush my teeth, so they don't fall out and then I have to eat baby food. I don't want to eat baby food!" We woke up and brought Nixon downstairs, waiting for him to spot BeBe in the tree.
   He did and it was like he was afraid to believe he was really there. Then, of all the things Nixon could say, he says "BeBe must have decided to leave his hat house and come home. I've missed him!". Mac found Be, under a hat on Nixon's table that I know I looked under! How Nixon knew that's where Be was, is a mystery to me, but Be is back and Nixon is super excited. I don't think he was more than a foot away from him at any point of the day, today. 

* Nixon: *to Mac* Mommy likes me.
Mac: I don't know, buddy. I think you should ask her.
Nixon: * to me* Mommy, can you please let me like you please?
me: *laughing* Of course (and I gave him hugs and kisses)
Mac: That wasn't what I meant, but it works too! *also laughing*

Sunday, December 29, 2013

The last weekend of 2013....and I missed Saturday's post

December 28 & 29, 2013
BeBe's back!
Day 362 & 363
* Saturday was pretty nice. Nixon and I woke up and watched My Little Pony together. There wasn't much going on except that I went out with friends last night and Nixon was very okay with it.
    Unlike the last time I went out, Nixon was very okay with me going out. Even telling me to leave so he and Mac can spend time together. They had a great night together, according to Mac.

* Sunday...football day!
Mac and I were excited because both of our teams had playoff spots on the line. Miami Dolphins had a chance....and needed a few other teams to lose, but the chance was there. They just needed to win. They did not. The Philadelphia Eagles (my long-loved team) had an easier path...they only needed to win. And they did!

We played Jenga Tetris tonight with Nixon. It's a lot harder than regular Jenga, but still fun! Nixon liked when everything fell down.
We also played Cars 2 Monopoly. The first game went by quickly, but the 2nd game lasted almost an hour and Nixon won! He was good at counting out the money and rolling Lighting McQueen around the track. It's a great game, I'm glad we got it for the family. It'll be a lot of fun for all of us.

Finally....we had a belated christmas miracle happen tonight. Mac found BeBe!!
He's home, been in the house this whole time! Nixon's sleeping and doesn't know he's been found yet. I placed him in the tree, waiting for Nixon to notice him tomorrow. He's been missing for almost a month (I think) and Nixon's been okay, only asking for him a couple times since he's been MIA.
   It's great that BeBe is home before the New Year.

Friday, December 27, 2013

He's tattling on me again!!

Dec. 27th, 2013
"Mom, where's your phone? I'm telling Daddy on you!"
Day 361

* Nixon spent most of the day asking to play his video game. When he wasn't doing that, he was telling me how much he loved me and how I was his favorite mommy ever!

* Apparently, before Mac left for work, he had told Nixon that, if he was good, I would possibly let him play his game before he went to bed. Nixon told me "Dad said to tell you I'm allowed to play my game now", after he ate dinner. I told him I'd think about it and he says to me, "That's it, Mom! Call Dad right now! I'm telling on you!".
   So I had him give me the phone and called Mac. After we played phone tag because I never remember to charge our house phones and my cellphone loses signal in the house randomly, I explained why I called and let him talk to Nixon. I then talked to him again and ended up letting Nixon play the game for a bit before bed.
   Surprisingly enough, Nixon decided when he was ready for bed even before I said anything to him. He turned the game off himself, brushed his teeth and went to upstairs to wait for me so we could feed Scootaloo before he went to bed for the night.

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Holiday recovery....

* Nixon did everything he was asked to do (pick up his toys, put his dishes in the kitchen and play quietly while mac was sleeping) all because he really, really wanted to play his Rescue Bots game system. I got it set up, plugged it into the TV and figured out how to get it loaded. Nixon played for about 10 minutes the first time then declared it stupid and quit.
    I'm not a big video game person, myself, which was exactly why I kept telling him to wait for Mac's time off so they could play together. Nixon decided, after taking a break in his room to calm down, he wanted to try again. This time he got a few pointers from Mac and he was getting the hang of it. By the time I was done getting dressed Nixon had gone from being a 3rd level thingy to 10th level!

   This game is the best gift ever!

A little late but.....Christmas finally arrived!!!

   I was so exhausted yesterday I fell asleep around 9pm! It was glorious! Nixon and I got comfy in my bed and settled in to watch Chipwrecked together, when it was over we both fell asleep.

  And now, some pictures from our Christmas morning! Mac came home and woke us up around 630am, because he would be going to sleep as soon as we were done with all the gifts.
Santa was here! 

opening his gift from Santa!

His big gift from Mac and I....I think he likes it, eh?

gifts from the grandparents and his great-grandparents

Mac, fading fast

Clothes from nana!

The carnage!

My first macaroni art gift! 

My surprise gift from Mac...Catwoman figurine!

   Nixon came up to me later in the day, upset because Arwen's stocking was empty. He said "Santa forgot her!"
    I said "Maybe Santa didn't forget her. Maybe it's empty because she's on the naughty list for being mean and chasing Amber all year long. Do you think that's possible?"
   He looks at me, shocked and says "That's real?!"

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

It's finally Christmas Eve!

Dec. 24th
Christmas Eve!
Day 359
* Today is Christmas Eve. Nixon and I were in full Santa-prep force! We cleaned the kitchen together, so we could make the cookies for him. We made peanut butter cookies with Hershey kisses on top and cake pops. The cake pops ended up looking more like elf vomit on a stick....not pretty! But at least they're tasty!

* After dinner, Nixon got into his jammies and he got into his skunk costume from Halloween. Why? Because it's warm and we were going for car ride to look at christmas lights on houses! I made hot chocolate in travel mugs and we got into the car. We drove around for about an hour and it was beautiful! Almost no one else was on the roads, so we could drive slower and not annoy any other drivers.

* Then we came home, made Santa his coffee and plate of goodies and left it under the small tree. We also got C3PO and R2D2 and put them with the coffee and cookies too, because Santa's bringing them back to the North Pole with him tonight.
   We'll see them again next year!