Tuesday, July 30, 2013

He may sleep with Pinkie Pie, but he's also a sucker for the Avengers! His dad called him "A true Renaissance man", I like that term.

* I woke up this morning with a migraine brewing. When I went downstairs and made my coffee Nixon I told Nixon he needed to be quiet because my head hurt and I haven't had my coffee yet. While I'm standing in the kitchen, nursing my coffee, Nixon says to me in a most serious voice "Mom, I've got troubles. I need some coffee milk, it'll make my day better."
Who am I to deny a request like that? I grabbed a small coffee cup, poured about an ounce of coffee into it and filled the rest with milk. He sat down at the table and took a sip, then says "You know Mom, coffee tastes better when you make it." HA!

* I'm standing at the stove making dinner...
Nixon: Mommy, the rodeo's in town, but the cows are mean and they don't like me.
me: Oh? I hadn't heard the rodeo's in town.
Nixon: Yeah, they are. But the cows are mean and keep trying to hit me in the face.
me: Well, I'm sorry. I hadn't realized there were abusive cows at the rodeo. I'll be sure to keep you safe from them.
Nixon: Well Mom, it's gonna be hard because they just run through town with no warning. Pinkie Pie tried to stop them and they didn't even laugh at her jokes! They didn't laugh at her MOM!
me: That's not nice at all!
Nixon: I know, Mom!
me: Nixon....are you talking about the My Little Pony episode we watched yesterday?
Nixon: Of course. There's no such thing as a real rodeo. DUH!

* Best thing about re-reading the same (comic) book at bedtime? Nixon starts reading along with me! Tonight he read half of the smaller panels in Baby Avengers VS X-Men. Nothing better than hearing his cute little voice say "Let's see what'chu got, Cyclops!"

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