Wednesday, July 3, 2013

"I'm awake, but I am cranky", words that were spoken this morning, but not by me!

* Our morning started way too early today. I volunteered to take the family to Penn Station for their train to NYC, allowing them to save on parking by keeping their car at our place while they were gone. Nixon had to get up with me, since Mac was still at work.
   I went in and started giving Nixon's kisses to wake him up. He pushed my face off his and said "No mommy, it's too early for kisses. The sun said go back to sleep", then he rolled over and went back to sleep. We did this three times before he finally sat up, looked at me and said "Mommy, it is too early for this! I'm awake, but I am cranky!"
   Kiddo, welcome to mom's life!

* Nixon was kind enough to let me come home and grab a few z's after we drove home from Baltimore. He played quietly and happily with his toys, while I slept. He went to the bathroom and at one point came over and tapped my shoulder "Mommy! Excuse me. Mommy, I made a big poop in the potty and I need help wiping my butt! But I pooped a big one! Come look! MOMMMMM!" I got up, wiped his butt and went back to sleep. I did not look at the poop. He put his undies back on by himself....backwards....he didn't care.

* Nixon is on his new bedtime routine. Bedtime is 830pm. Mac is home to say goodnight, which makes Nixon going to bed a lot easier. Let's hope this leads to a happier, more well rested Nixon in the future.

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