Thursday, July 25, 2013

What else do you do at 3am with a child wide awake, but go for a drive and sit by the water to look at the moon?

* Ah, Nixon....woke up at 2am. We decided to see if Mac was busy and drove to the Academy. We were able to sit by the water at almost 3am, with Mac, and look at the sky and boats and just enjoy the quiet. It was amazing! It's something I'll cherish, a moment unexpectedly given to me and something that will never be duplicated.

* On the drive home, at 3am, Nixon and I were talking about his newest cousin due to arrive today. He's super excited about this and I asked him, because my sister hasn't decided on a name yet, if there was a name he likes for the baby.
Nixon: I don't know.
me: Any name you like a lot?
Nixon: Like what?
me: Well, something you like. Like your hamsters on your learning path.
Nixon: Oh no, they have names already!
me: Okay, if you got a new hamster what would you name it?
Nixon: Mom, can you list names and I'll tell you if I like it?
me: OKay. Captain?
Nixon: no
me: Tony
Nixon: no. Stark, I like Stark
me: Aunt Snotface should name her baby Stark?
Nixon: yes!
me: You don't think we should save that for our next pet?
Nixon: Yes. And for aunt Snotface's baby!
me: You want a pet and a cousin with the same name?
Nixon: Yes, it's perfect!

* We came home and went back to bed a little after 3:30am. Nixon slept in until after 8am,and then he just wanted to snuggle with me. He kept giving me kisses and hugs, which I adore, but dude I just fell asleep 4.5 hours ago! haha
   We had a lovely morning together. Breakfast at Dunkin Donuts, running errands together, laughing and just a great day. We just had a hilariously good time together. No tantrums, no fits, no bad moods.
   It was a rare but cherished good day all around!

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