Thursday, March 21, 2013

It only looked like a giant Lego's was really a Lego's podracer!

* Nixon was playing with his Lego's today. First he made 2 Tie-fighters, then he made a Podracers. He was so proud of the podracer, he came running over to me and said "Mommy, guess what this is?" (it looked like a penis...I know this is not the right answer) I ask for a hint. He says "It's from my book, it zooms really fast....Anakin drives one". Ahh..."Nixon that is an awesome podracer!"
He couldn't wait to show Mac!

* Nixon build a castle...a castle in the living room....a castle made of pillows...pillows from all the beds upstairs. Then the castle fell. So Nixon just made a pile of pillows and kept jumping on it. Then he tried to say he couldn't carry all the pillows upstairs because "they are too big and I am just a little boy".

* We've reached the 1001-reasons-to-get-out-of-be-and-not-fall-asleep phase.
Tonight it was: 1) You didn't read me a story (he got a cartoon before bed, in our bed with me), 2) I'm thirsty and need my water bottle,  3) can I have hugs and kisses please?

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