Monday, March 18, 2013

"whoop, whoop sucha lady"- Nixon

* Nixon loves to sing PSY's song "Gungam Style", but he makes up his own words. Instead of "sexy lady" he says "whoop whoop sucha lady". I'm not complaining about that because it really is better than my 4-year old singing "sexy lady" all day. It's just random when he decides, out of nowhere, to start singing it and hasn't even heard the song recently. Makes me wonder what goes on in his head!

* Nixon says he's afraid of the dark. He has a nightlight in his room, but he tells me tonight "it's not bright enough". So I offer to put his aquarium moving picture light in his room, and he says okay...but leave the nightlight too, for BeBe. So now Nixon and BeBe are afraid of the dark and they both need their own nightlights??

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