Monday, March 4, 2013

The random things he says over the span of one day...

* Nixon randomly starts saying "nah-nahna-na-nah cry babies". There's no rhyme or reason for the things that come out of his mouth.

* Nixon: I love you, mom
me: I love you too, baby.
Nixon: Why did you call me baby? I'm a big boy!
me: I know. You are a big boy, but you will always be my baby. So I call you baby.
Nixon: Oh. I like it when you call me baby.
me: You will be my baby forever, no matter how big, old or grown up you get.

* Nixon touches my face and looks at my eyes and says: Mommy, what color are you eyes?
me: My eyes? They are green.
Nixon: What color are my eyes?
me: Your eyes are brown.
Nixon: Not green like yours?
me: Nope, you've got daddy's brown eyes.
Nixon: But why? I like you green eyes.
me: I do too, but you got daddy's brown eyes because they were stronger when we made you.
Nixon: Green eyes are weak?
me: No, they aren't weak but they don't fight well against brown.
Nixon: I have strong brown eyes, like Daddy!

TMNT update: I'm going to call it a bad day. One warning before nap time and 2 after his nap. It's a frowny day.
I adore his randomness!

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