Sunday, March 10, 2013

"....I fell and bumped my brain"

* Nixon says to me today "Mommy, my fingers are dry now. I wiped them off". Nice. I've started random finger checks. This is where I ask him to show me his fingers. Once today they were dry. The second time I asked him he says "Hold on a minute mommy", and he walks away with his back turned to me, then comes back and says "Now they're good. I wiped them off."
Yep, today was a sad face kind of day.
On the plus side (because I think my son's cup-half-full attitude is rubbing off on me), I haven't caught him with his fingers in his mouth while he's asleep in almost 2 weeks. To me, that is a far bigger deal than him putting them in his mouth while he's awake. Awake, it's a choice he's making...but asleep, he's doing that on a subconscious level. To get over that first, well I'll take it as a win.
But he's not getting no TMNT for it.

* Nixon was goofing off instead of cleaning up his toys. He was climbing in and out of a large box we use to store his dress-up clothes in. He, inevitably, took a tumble backwards out of the box and hit the floor with his head. He didn't cry, but he did come over and tell me "Mommy, I fell and bumped my brain. It's inside my head and I hit it. Kiss my brain please."

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