Sunday, March 17, 2013

He loves his shoes!

* Nixon is a picky eater. I'm starting to deal with that. Today he was eating lunch and only had to eat 2 small pieces of cheese, then he could eat his dessert. He kept stalling and taking tiny bites, but still asked for his candy. I finally told him "Nixon, I'm going to give you 2 warnings. If I have to say something a 3rd time, I get to eat your candy!" He was not a fan of that, but he did finally eat his cheese and get his candy.

* Nixon has a pair of converse sneakers he LOVES. Except, they are little too small (his toe is all the way to the tip of the toe in the sneaker). He asked to wear them today, even though he admitted they are tight on his feet, he said "but they don't hurt". That's my boy! Loves his shoes!!

I think he's catching on to my camera and flash...he did this after I moved the chalkboard. haha

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