Sunday, March 24, 2013

Yesterday was a very long day.....

* Nixon seems to love the new movie  The Croods. He doesn't call the one character "Belt" by his name, instead he calls him "Da-da-dahhh" because that's the sound he makes in the latest commercials being shown.

* I had to go get gas for my car today. Nixon says "Mommy, you need gas so we don't get stuck in the dark?" It's pretty accurate, so I agree with him. After all, I only had about an eighth of a tank left, so it was a real possibility if I didn't fill up.

* My best friend, and Nixon's aunt Franny, is in the area for school for 2 weeks. She flew in tonight and we drove to the airport to pick her up. Her flight came in after 10pm, we got to the airport closer to 1030pm and park, Nixon still had no idea who we were picking up. He was overjoyed to see her! Especially when I let him "chase" her through the airport towards the parking garage elevators!
We didn't get home until after midnight and he had fallen asleep in the car around 1130pm, but like every other time he's fallen asleep in the car, he woke up when we got home and stayed up until almost 1am!
He was up around 730am this morning....

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