Sunday, September 29, 2013

Damn his defiant and back-talking mouth!

* From the minute I got out of bed, Nixon was almost non-stop defiant and talking back. I swear, he changed my name to "NO!" and didn't tell me, I heard it come out of his mouth so much today.
 me: Nixon what do you ant for breakfast?
 Nixon: NO! I don't want breakfast!
 me: Okay, let me know when you get hungry.
 Nixon: NO! *a few minutes later* Hey, where's my food?
 me: I'm sorry, what did you just say?
 Nixon: Oops. I meant, may I have something to eat please.

 me: Nix, I think it's time for a nap.
 Nixon: NO! I'm not taking a nap today!
 me: Nixon, you need a nap, you're super feisty.
 Nixon: NO! You are....what did you say?  
 me: Feisty?
 Nixon: You are that word!

 I'd have taken it personally, except when Mac got up Nixon was just as testy and moody with him.

* But then, just like *that*, he's sweet again. He was bringing BeBe over for me to give hugs and kisses to. He also asked me to "babysit" BeBe. I tucked BeBe in my tee shirt for his nap. Then Nixon would come over and tell me "He's done sleeping, I'll take him now." My payment? Hugs and kisses from Nixon.
    He's such a caring single teddy bear father.

* Nixon asked for scrambled eggs and bacon for dinner. He then offered to cook the eggs. And he did a good job too. He used the spatula and kept stirring them in the pan for a few minutes, until they were almost done. Then he said "Okay mom, now you finish, I'm thirsty."
he's so adorable! I just can't get over it....

Saturday, September 28, 2013

He's the best self-esteem builder ever!!

* I was getting dressed for a signing at Third Eye Comics, which I was really looking forward too. As I was doing my hair, in a new style, Nixon comes into the bathroom and says "Wow, Mom, your hair looks super pretty." Awww!
   After I was dressed, and finishing my makeup, Nixon comes in and says to me "Mommy, you look great! Really pretty!"
this is what Nixon called "Really pretty". 

* Nixon: Knock, knock
Mac: Who's there?
Nixon: It's me, Nixon.
Mac: Nixon who?
Nixon: No! It's just me...Nixon! Get it?
me (to Mac): He's cute, so he'll get by.

* Nixon is now reading exit numbers on the highway! He likes to read off each exit as I'm passing it and tell me "Mommy, that's not our exit yet". He's also obsessed with counting all the semis he sees. Last night he counted 24 in our 8 mile drive.

Friday, September 27, 2013

He's not picky, he loves all of me! And he's not afraid to tell me the parts that really take more to love.....


* I picked Nixon up from school today and his class was outside on the playground. Three little kids saw me, and immediately started yelling "Nixon, you're Mommy's here!". Apparently, according to another mother also picking up her son, they'd done the same thing to two other children when their moms came as well. 

* Another week of all good reports from Nixon's teachers! Two weeks in a row and I couldn't be happier! He's getting into the routine and really getting used to school.

* I took Nixon to a local bookstore having a Clifford the Big Red Dog book reading and appearance today. We got there just as Clifford was walking to his reading chair. Nixon saw him, said "hi" and waved, then decided he wanted to play at the train table instead.
   We left with a new My Little Pony book, to prevent a meltdown when I kept him away from the train table (there were lots of younger children there and a few less than attentive child in particular had thrown those small wooden magnetic trains at other kids multiple times, hitting one child in the back quite hard. The child was less than 2, but still the mother wasn't doing anything to correct or prevent the throwing, because she was too busy talking to other moms there)

* I told Nixon "I love you to pieces!" today. 
Nixon: You love my pieces?
me: Well, that's not what I said, but yes. I love you from the hair on your head to the toes on your feet!
Nixon: I love you pieces too, Mommy. All you pieces, even the stinky ones like you butt when you fart! 
me: Thanks kiddo!

Thursday, September 26, 2013

It was a low-key day but that means no tantrums and no time outs, so I can totally dig it. Also, Nixon is learning that purposely using incorrect grammar drives me nuts!

* Nixon was so cute today. He drew a stick figure on the window with glass markers, he also drew a heart, a tree, a sun and a bush. He named the stick figure Nixon.

* Nixon made a video today: It's my sister's birthday, so we made a video of Nixon singing "Happy Birthday" with me for her. He sang a verse and then I sang, when it was his turn to sing again, he said "No, I don't want to do it" and stopped singing the song. He did say "I love you" which was good enough for me.

* New phrase in the house "Nixon no understand". This is coming from Nixon. I corrected him, so he was saying it correctly "I don't understand". He would say it correctly and then he would say it incorrectly because he knew it'd bother me.

(no pictures of Nixon camera battery is dead)

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Teacher's compliment, birthday gift secret, manners lecture from my 4-year old and sharing food with each other....Nixon and I had a great day!

* Taking Nixon into his class this morning, and he does his usual "Hi everyone! I'm here!" and skips over to say hi to a group of kids. I see his teacher, and I needed to let her know he'd be getting picked up a little early today, and she says "I love his enthusiasm! He is just so great and happy! Some kids come in and look like they still need another hour in bed." I laugh and say "Yeah, he wakes up like that...every day. Straight from the minute his feet hit the floor." She smiles and says "That must be awesome."
   You know what? It kind of is.

* Okay, so I took Nixon with me to go pick up a piece of his birthday gift today. SHHHHHH....but we're getting him a fish, well a beta fish to be exact. I found a fish tank for sale and went to go buy it today. Nixon never saw it.
   After it was safely stashed in the back of my car, Nixon and I went into Walgreen's for a snack for the drive home. On the way to the store entrance, we passed a lady and her dog on the sidewalk. It was a little tight but enough room for us to get by when Nixon walking directly in front of me. Suddenly, Nixon stops in front of me and says "Mommy! We've gotta go back. I didn't use my manners and say "excuse me" to that lady when we walked by." He was genuinely distraught by this but after I assured him we were okay, he went into the store. He did chastise me "Okay, Mom, but we have got to use our manners all the time! Because it's the right thing to do, you know.".

* Nixon picked a bag of Ranch Doritos and I grabbed a bag of Lays Cheesy Garlic Bread chips for the car ride home. Nixon asked for a couple of my chips and I had no problem sharing them with him. A minute or two later, he asked for a couple more. By the third request for MY chips, I had a solution: Making sure Nixon had some of his Doritos left, I offered him to trade bags. He took me up on the offer and he was super happy. Until his chips were gone and then he says "Mom, I'd like my blue chip bag back now."
   Yep, sorry kiddo, you're not the only one who finished their bag of chips.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

...then Nixon met the neighbors and almost insulted them.

* We were heading out to the car, when this happened:
Nixon: Mommy, why'd that person spill coffee in the grass?
me: I'm not sure honey, maybe because the grass likes coffee like Mommy does?
Nixon: I wanna ask.
(he walks over to our neighbors and proceeds to look for where the coffee went)
Nixon: HI, I'm Nixon, where'd the coffee go?
neighbor: Hi Nixon, what a cool name *nods to me*. I'm S.
Nixon: HI S. Don't you like coffee?
S: *laughs* I do, but I pour some in the grass every day. I know it's kind of tacky.
Nixon: Oh, does the grass like the coffee?
me: *trying to help S get away from Nixon's sudden on-set of never ending questions* Honey, the grass LOVES the coffee, look hoe green and full it is!
Nixon: Oh yeah! Good job! *gives S a thumbs up* Bye S, nice meeting you.
And just like that, Nixon met one of our neighbors. Then got into my car and said "Mommy, the grass is pretty, but you're better when you drink your coffee."

* The rest of the day was relatively uneventful. Though Nixon did impress me, once again. Since I already wrote a blog about it, I'll just link it for you to read. Trust me, it's worth the read.

* Nixon asked me today to put one of his missiles back into his Star Wars speedracer. I did, because I've done it multiple times already and Nixon hasn't figured out the trick which only frustrates him and makes him *almost* throw his toy.
   When I handed it back to him, Nixon says "Thanks mom, you're my hero!" Best.Thanks.Ever!

Monday, September 23, 2013

Sometimes Nixon is just a little too brutally honest about why he loves us...just ask Mac.

* I slept in until 7am. My alarm went off and I hit snooze more than once. I got out of bed, completely expecting Nixon to come bounding into the bedroom when he heard my alarm going off. I was totally unprepared for Nixon to still be sleeping when I entered his room. I had to actually pick him up off his bed before he woke up, then he told me "No, Mommy, it's too early for me to get up". He finally woke up, but he was a little confused because it was still darkish outside and I was telling him it was time to get ready for school.

* Nixon: You're my best mommy!
me:'re my favorite boy.
Nixon: You're my favorite girl, Mom.
me: What about Daddy?
Nixon: Umm....well, he's my bestest charger guy. You know cause he charges my PSP and iTouch for me.
me: Nice! *very sarcastic* You need to tell Daddy that.
So Nixon runs into the living room and tells Mac he's Nixon's favorite charging guy.
Mac: Guess I know my role in his life.
me: At least he doesn't blow smoke up your as about where you stand with him *laughing*

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Days like today make me realize without Nixon I might still have a shred of dignity and self-respect, but then again those things are overrated when I get to spend time playing on the floor with Nixon and some kick-ass Star Wars toys!

* Some days you've just gotta get down on the floor with your kid and play Star Wars battle games with him.
   Today was that day! Nixon had a couple awesome Star Wars vehicles and he was having a ball playing with them by himself, but he was having so much fun, I got down and joined him. Complete with sound effects and all, I might add! I do a mean pod racer sound effect.
   Nixon was laughing at me and then he hugs me and says "Mommy, you're the best mommy I ever want!", which is pretty much the best compliment ever because it'd suck if he said I was the best mom he never wanted.
   These are the days I'll love and cherish forever!

* For some reason even when I close the door, I still get invaded in the bathroom.
Nixon: *knocking on the door* Mommy, mom...are you in there?
me: Yes Nixon, I am. I'll be out in a bit.
Nixon: Mommy, you have to let me in! It's an emergency!
me: Holy crap Nixon, what's wrong? *opens the door*
Nixon: Mommy, I saw the stink coming out from under the door and you don't have the fan on. That is very dangerous.
me: Nixon, are you freaking kidding me right now? You saw the stink?
Nixon: Yes mommy. It's very dark and very stinky. I think something is rotting in here.
me just staring at my kid
Nixon: It's rotting from your BUTT!!! hahahahaaa
me: Nixon! Out! Now!
Nixon: But mommy, I saved you life, I turned on the fan to gt the stink gone!
me: Now you get to be gone too!
This funny conversation brought to you by the US Navy....for "allowing" Mac to work 7 days in a row and taking away 2 of his days off, including today. How I wish I was kidding and making the above conversation up....No, that really happened. 
he's adorable, even when he's sleeping facing the foot of his bed. 

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Today's lesson: budgeting

* Today I tried teaching Nixon about money and budgeting. It was a fail, but not really on his part.
   There was a large yard sale very local to us, that was all geek stuff: GI Joes, Transformers, Star Wars, video games, comic books...just amazing years of collection. We gave Nixon $5 for the yard sale, it was his to spend on whatever he liked. He saw an old GI Joe Cobra 4-wheeler, and went searching for a red guy to ride it. It had to be red because the 4-wheeler was red. Later he found a Bumblebee transformer that he liked. Those 3 totalled his $5 and he was good with that.
   He spent the rest of the time playing with all three toys, and making his awesome robot sounds and "pew, pew" sounds. The guy selling everything came over and started talking to Nixon (and us). He ended up just giving Nixon the toys he'd picked out! He even grabbed another Transformer and gave him that one as well.
   We paid for everything else we'd picked out and all said our "Thank you"'s. Seriously, this guy was just looking to know that his collection was going to be appreciated and enjoyed and while he is selling to raise money for his family, you could tell it was more about seeing the joy his collection was bringing to other people.
   He is a wonderful guy and Nixon is very happy because of this man's generosity.

* Nixon is picking up on sarcasm, almost a little too well. He keeps saying "I love you Daddy" but the way he says it sounds like he just told us to eff off! As long as we're not getting complaints that he's doing this at school, we're good with it. He's gotta be allowed to develop his own sense of self and there's no safer place than at home.

Friday, September 20, 2013

Success! A week of school with all good reports, no tantrums and no refusing to participate! The routine is starting to click and gel with Nixon!

* Three has always been a superstitious number to me. This being Nixon's third week of school and first full three-day school week, it's no surprise that he had a great week!
    His teacher said he was wonderful this week! They're doing things to get him to participate at his comfort level and it's working!  These are the reports I've been hoping to hear. And it's not been unrewarded.

* Today when I picked Nixon up, I had to go to the mall to pick up something nearby. When I was done with that task, Nixon asked to see the fish at the mall's fish tank. I agreed and even sweetened the deal: we each got mall a cookie to eat while watching the fish! We spent about 30 minutes together, just wandering the mall together, talking and enjoying a really good moment.

* At bedtime, Nixon read his very first book entirely by himself. Sure it's a book he's heard me read every night for almost a month, but he read the book page-by-page as I pointed to the words.
He also knows how to spell "Pinkie Pie" now. I'm loving this reading phase!
took his Pinkie Pie book to sleep with him!

Thursday, September 19, 2013

I adore Nixon, but we might need to talk about his team support. This is not how I wanted the Eagles season to begin....yes I am blaming my kid for my team's bad performance!

* Mac asked me what happened to this hilarious moment from last night. The honest truth? I forgot about it when I did last night's post.
   The story:
Last night Mac called his mom to talk to her and let her know he's fine, given everything going on nearby in DC I had a feeling she'd be worrying a bit. She talked to Mac a bit, then me and finally she spoke to Nixon. Nixon gets on the phone and says "Why did you forget about me, Nana?". It was hilarious!

* Today. Nixon decided to play dress-up most of the morning. He was a transformer, a soldier and a giant pile of clothes on the floor that resembled my room when I was teenager. He stood over the pile of clothes and started saying, out loud, "What do I want be? Who am I right now?"...exactly like me when I was a teenager! He ultimately decided he was going to be a boy, in a tee shirt and undies.

* At bathtime tonight, Nixon and I were talking football. The Eagles are playing tonight. I asked Nixon if he thinks the Eagles were going to win.
Nixon: Yes!
me: Really? That's great why?
Nixon: Because Eagles fly high in the sky.
me: I can't beat that logic, baby boy.
Nixon: Duh! I know that's why I said it!

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

School's going well, Nixon is thriving at home too!

* Nixon started the day skipping and dancing into my bedroom when he heard my alarm go off. He came over to my still sleeping body and said "Mom, your alarm went off and I danced, did you see me?" No, but I felt the floor move when he jumped all over my bedroom. He said to me, not liking my answer, "Well, next time open your eyes and watch me, okay? I'm a great dancer!"

* Dancing was the theme of the morning:

* Nixon was also making up silly songs today.  Have you heard the dreidel song? Well Nixon was making up a song in that tune
Daddy, Daddy, Daddy
I love every day
Mommy instead of Daddy.
 Too damned cute! 

* The best part of my day was listening to Nixon spell a word and sound it out. He started spelling "taxi" then sounded it out. He moved on to "jet", "boat", "fire truck" and a few other words. He was reading these words from a book he's had since he was a baby, but he was actually spelling then sounding out the words!
   Mac and I are a couple of super proud parents today. He got good report from his teacher at school. He was so happy to see us when we picked him up, he ran over to me for a hug!

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Today Nixon started trying his hand at stand-up comedy, his delivery is good but we'll work on his punchlines together!

* Nixon walks up to me, wearing his plastic HULK Halloween mask. I say "Hi HULK" and Nixon says (from under the mask) "I'm not HULK, it's me Nixon. See my eyes?"
   He then tells me he's wearing the mask to hide from the bugs.

* Nixon: Knock, knock
me: Who's there?
Nixon: Me!
me: me who?
Nixon: It's me, Nixon! I'm right here!
and he runs away laughing!
It's his first knock, knock joke so I'll give him a break. It still made me laugh! Why? Because I'm his mom and I laugh at him when ever he's totally adorable!

* I took Nixon to Pet Smart today, to get some cat things. While we were there, Nixon and I walked around to look at the animals. Nixon went from wanting a hamster to a bird (never happening!) to a fish. Since we're already thinking of getting him a fish for his birthday, I'm good with the last one.
   We went and looked at all the tanks, including the really odd looking googly-eyed goldfish ones. Nixon declared these fish "so adorable!" and the clerk in the fish department looked mildly amused when I responded "You and I have wildly different definitions of 'adorable' there kiddo".

Monday, September 16, 2013

This time the latest national tragedy hits close to home, while everyone I know is safe, the stress is frightening. My heart is with the DC Navy Yard tonight.

* Nixon had a great day at school! He gave his teacher a hug before he left and she said today was his best day yet! There were 3 happy people leaving that class today (Mac, Nixon and myself), which was awesome!

* The rest of the day was spent with the shootings that took place at the Navy Yard in DC weighing on our minds. Just after 3pm, Mac got called to report to work and go to DC to be part of a team being sent as additional support on the team. Nixon started to act out because he could sense the tension that both Mac and I suddenly had oozing from us. It was unintentional but it was a reaction to the unknown circumstances of the situation Mac was getting ready to go face.
* He called at 10pm, very briefly, he's safe and was taking a chow break. I'm going to bed and not taking photos tonight because I want Nixon to have a solid, uninterrupted night of sleep.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

I don't know who is telling my kid he "can't" do things or like things because he's a boy, but I'm not raising him like that, so stop trying to break his spirit and ruin his purest happiness in life.

* Nixon and I went out for a mommy & me breakfast date. It was a surprise I did for Nixon just to give Mac some total peace in the house. We went to Dunkin Donuts and just sat, ate and enjoyed each others company. He was a total gentleman, using his manners, eating politely and being adorable.
   We even brought home a donut for Mac.

* Nixon and I were watching our usual Sunday morning cartoon, My Little Pony to tell the truth, when Nixon saw a commercial for Easy Bake ovens. What happened next broke my heart:
Nixon: I can't like that. It's for girls.
me: Nixon, you can't like what? The oven?
Nixon: yeah, 'cause it's for girls.
me: Nixon, I want you to understand something right now: There is only one thing that a girl can do that boys can't do and this is carry a baby in their belly. And there is one thing boys can do that girls can't and that is pee standing up without making a mess, because boys have a penis.
Anything else in the world boys and girls are equal. If you want to bake you can bake.
Nixon: So, I can bake cookies?
me: If that's what you'd like. Do you want to bake?
Nixon: No. Not now. But mommy, I'm glad I can do those things.
me: Nixon the only thing I don't want you to do are things that hurt other people and break laws.

* Nixon did something awesome last night, I can't remember what, but I was sitting on the sofa and put my foot out and asked Nixon for a "foot five", totally expecting him to high five my foot with his hand. He didn't. Instead he lifted his own foot up and touched my foot with his. He said "Haha Foot Five!"
Another night, another weird position sleeping on the floor.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Oh no, son, that is not going to fly today...or any day.

* Today, Nixon woke up and crawled into bed with me, telling me "Mommy, I needs the blanket on me, my feet are cold!" he then puts his iceburg-like feet on my legs! So rude! I roll him away from me, get his feet wrapped up in a blanket and burrow back into my own blanket cocoon.

* Later in the day, Nixon was getting pissed playing his Angry Birds game. He started yelling and was told to calm down. He looked at me and said "NO! I won't calm down!", so I told him he needed to go to his room for talking back to me. We're not tolerating it anymore affective yesterday because of his behavior at school. He says "No" again. I got up, picked him up, carried him to his bedroom and told him why he was in there. I set the timer and told him he needed to stay in the room until I came up to get him.
   He stayed. He and I talked about why he was in his room, and he came downstairs and apologized for talking back.

* I heard Nixon singing and looked to see what he was singing. My little cutie was singing "Twinkle, twinkle little star" to Arwen. When I told him that was very sweet, he said "I walked by and scared her awake, so I was singing her back to sleep...but you moved and now I'll never get her back to sleep!" haha

* Finally, we've got new magnetic clips. Nixon was looking for BeBe and I asked where he might be. Nixon says "On the fridge, hanging in the dungeon.". Oooookay.
   Sure enough, Nixon had hung BeBe by the ears using the clips and put the clips on the fridge! That's so freaking awesome I can't even find the space to be slightly worried that my son is hanging his beloved bear by the ears in a dungeon.

Friday, September 13, 2013

Today felt like a Monday, not a Friday at all.... but then I remembered it's Friday the 13th, so maybe it felt like a Friday afterall, just a really, really bad one!

* Let me start by saying: none of what we're being told is unexpected. There is a reason I was adamant that Nixon get into a preschool program this fall, before he goes to kindergarten next year. I knew the transition was going to be difficult for him.  

   Onto today: First Nixon didn't want to go to school. His reasoning was he'd be hit again. Did he really believe this? I don't know. I do know I used momlogic and worked him into getting ready for school little-by-little.
   He was told if he stayed home, he was in bed, sleeping with no TV because the only way he was staying home was if he was sick. I asked him if he was sick and he said "NO!", then he says, very matter-of-factually "I should go brush my teeth so the other kids aren't scareded of my stinky breath."
   Take him to school and he is fine. There is the cutest little girl in his class who was so happy to see him! She started saying "Nixon! Nixon's here! Hi Nixon! Hey! Nixon! Nixon! Nixon hi!" as he was putting up his backpack. He played it cool (or rude, depending on your point of view I suppose) but did smile when she came over and joined him at the table he went to play at.

* And then we (Mac and I together, because Mac promised Nixon he would be there...which turned out to be a huge help) went to pick Nixon up. All the kids were in a nicely formed circle, but I didn't see Nixon...until I heard him, in the office, with the head administrator.
   Nixon decided to act an ass most of the day. He was refusing to do any of the choices of activities he was given, arguing instead to do only what he wanted. He was getting to the point of disrupting the rest of the class, so in swooped the Admin and off to her office they went. The goal was to calm him down, which today was not happening. He was rude, talked back and full of sass. When we arrived, he heard our voices and started crying. Until that moment he hadn't produced real tears.
   Mac took Nixon out to the car while I spoke to the Admin. She is amazing! Together, during about a 10-15 minute conversation, we discussed Nixon's issues and how to best address them. She said "He's smart, and he's stubborn. He's a difficult one because he knows what he's doing and he chooses to do it knowing the consequences thinking he can outsmart his way out of the consequences." Yep, that's Nixon.
   Our joint plan of action, during which I explained he'd been evaluated and is a self-led learner and can be very determined to get his own way, is to let her us the punishments we use at home as leverage at school. I also told her he responds very well to sticker charts (because they do individualize things for each child as needed, a HUGE plus and big reason why we chose this particular school as Nixon's intro).

* When we came home, Nixon was told NO PSP and NO iTOUCH for the day. Because of how he acted in school. He asked to go to his room and take a nap. He told me, as I tucked him in for his nap "I just need some time to be alone right now", and I get it. He's dealing with a lot of changes, but he also knows better.

   This weekend we'll be focusing a lot on proper behavior at school and why how he acted in school today is not okay. He learned the hard way, I wasn't joking when I said a bad day at school would mean to video game play time at home. He got none of that today.
This is what I saw when I walked into his empty bed!
He's lying on the floor, next to his bed. This is a photo from under his bed. How cute is he?!

Thursday, September 12, 2013

I can only help him get over one fear at a time, today was his fear of thunder!

* Ah, rainy boring thunder-filled day! What a wonderful Thursday! Nixon and I spent the day laying around playing a matching game on his iTouch together and watching Phineas and Ferb together. Pure awesomeness!
   Did I mention thunder? Because there was plenty of that and Nixon is not a fan of all. He was just starting to get freaked out when I came up with a most brilliant explanation to take his fear away. That explanation is far from conventional, but you know what? It worked, because after I told Nixon, he was laughing and totally unafraid of thunder.
   The magical explanation? It's not thunder, it's clouds farting! And Nixon found this hilarious! He'd start saying "Eww...the clouds just farted, Mommy! That's stinky!" and laugh! So much better than the crying and the screeching that he'd had previously.
    Just one more example of me being mom, less perfect more real and doing what I now will work for my son and helping him get over a fear.

* Nixon's telling me today he doesn't want to go back to school "because the kids are mean and hurt me." I know this is all over the block incident yesterday but I can't let him start developing a fear of school now over one bad day.
   I tell him there are bad days but we can't let them ruin our good days. I also told him that the other kid apologized so Nixon has to move past it and put it behind him, like it was an accident. I hope it works, because it's only the 2nd week of school and I don't want anything to dampen his enthusiasm.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Another major milestone reached today: Nixon's first "injury" at school at the hands of another child....holy crap is it really only the 2nd week of school?!!?

* Nixon gleefully returned to school today, after staying home Monday due to some pretty bad congestion issues he had going on. He bounced back from that very quickly and woke up excited for school today.
   When I dropped him off, he went skipping...literally skipping, towards the toys singing "It's time to play! It's time to play!" without a single glance back at me.

* When it was time to pick Nixon up, he rushed from the center of the group circle and came over to tell Mac and I about his day, which it turns out was not that great.
    It seems Nixon got hit in the head by another child. He was hit with a wooden block, and Nixon was given an ice pack while the other child was spoken to about why hitting others with blocks is not okay. The other child apologized and Nixon has no bump so all is well in his world.
    His teacher also said, other than this incident, Nixon was incredible today! He helped her, followed instructions, stayed in circle during circle time.

* When Mac and I got Nixon into the car we talked more abut what happened at school. I did what I do best, I focused on the good. Nixon didn't hit the other child back, he didn't retaliate and he accepted the apology. He focused in class today and was on good behavior. I was (and I am) so proud of him! This is really the first time he's been in a situation like this, without me around him, and he handled it like I've always tried to teach him to: without losing his temper or resorting to violence in response. No whether this was a conscious effort on his part or he didn't respond because he was shocked, I can't say for sure, but to me it really doesn't matter so long as he didn't hit back.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Feeling better and no fights to take his medicine, always a giant plus!

* Nixon is feeling much better. He slept soundly all last night, had sniffles this morning but was good enough.
   He said to me, when I mentioned that he's going to school tomorrow, "Then I need to get better so no one can make fun of my voice." And my heart broke thinking that, after just 2 days of school, Nixon is already worried about being made fun of.
   I didn't say anything...right away. When I did, I just let him I'm here for him, even if he has a bad day at school and if things get too bad he can tell his teachers.

* Tonight before bed, Nixon asked for his medicine and then told me "But make sure I have some for in da morning too, Mommy".

In other news: Nixon's now got a new room. Yesterday Mac and I rearrange the 2 bedrooms (Nixon's and spare) in an effort to cool Nixon's room down, which for some ungodly reason is the hottest room in the entire house!  Nixon also now has more room in his bedroom as what was the spare bedroom was larger than his bedroom. He's quite happy about the move and even gave up 7 stuffed animals to be donated, when I asked him to choose 7 to give to children without stuffed animals.

Monday, September 9, 2013

Nixon's first milestone in school: home sick :(

  (no pictures tonight, I want him to have a full good night's sleep uninterrupted)
* Nixon got up 4 more times last night. His nose was getting super congested and he freaks when he can't breath, which is why he woke up crying last night.
   After the last wake up, I talked to Mac and we decided we'd keep Nixon out of school today, let him sleep in and hopefully he can go back to on Wednesday. I went to comfort Nixon in his bed and let him know about our choice, fully expecting a meltdown. Instead....I got this: "Yeah, Mommy, I need sleep to feel better. School is no good." What?!? He must be sick!

* He stayed home, he's very congested, deep stuffy voice because of it. He took his medication with no issue, after a small sip and he declared "That's not so bad!". He asked for a nap, relaxed in bed was obviously ill and under the weather.
   Here's hoping tomorrow is a better day for him.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

He knows coffee of any type will make me feel better and after he had a night terror, there won't be photos in tonight's post.

* Mac, the best husband ever!!, brought home a bottle of Starbucks Vanilla Frappuccino for me this morning. Nixon takes it out of the fridge and brings it over to me "Here, Mommy, you look like you need this". I ask him if I look that bad and he says "Well.....yeah." then giggles and hands me the bottle.

* Just when I thought today was completely done and there was nothing else to include in tonight's post: Nixon woke up in a crying panic and Mac & I raced up to his bedroom to find out what happened. Are you sick? Did you fall out of bed? Did you have a nightmare? *he sounds like he's going to barf* Take him to the bathroom. Give him some water! I don't have any water here, take him INTO the bathroom! All while Nixon is still crying and not making any sense.
    Mac takes him into the bathroom while I turn on the light in Nixon's room and check to see if he had gotten sick in bed. He didn't, so I went into the bathroom to check on the boys. We still don't know exactly what happened but Nixon wants to be held by me.
    I decide to do what we've done since Nixon was a little, little guy and had night terrors...we took him outside for a little fresh air. We took him out there and let him calm down. Then he asked to go back "in there", which meant in the house. Back up to bed he went and after a few minutes of snuggles with me, a few songs and my usual nightmare/ bad dreams talk he was ready to go back to sleep.

I apologize for not having a photo with tonight's post. I promised Nixon no photos tonight because Nixon tends to sleep extra lightly after a nightmare/night terror episode like this one. If the flash woke him up he'd have another fit, and because tomorrow is a school day I'd rather he gets sleep. 

Saturday, September 7, 2013

When you get down to the logic behind the things he says, he really is a sweet and caring child! Sometimes he is shockingly deep for his age.

* Nixon, Mac and I had a very interesting conversation today.
Nixon's had an odd borderline obsession with telling me he wants to be back in my belly and be a baby again. It's crazy, because he never says he wants a baby brother or sister, it's always he wants to be a baby again. So, this afternoon after Mac woke up and we were all just kind of laying around in our bed, I asked Nixon about it.
me: Nixon, how come you want to be a baby in my belly again?
Nixon: because you want a baby.
me: What?!? NO! I really do not want another baby!
Nixon: No, you miss baby me.
me: Oh! I see....
Nixon: So, I can be a baby again for you and you won't miss baby me any more.
me: Oh baby....I do miss you being a baby, some days, but I LOVE the you, you are now. You're so fun and talkative and you are wiping your own butt now!
Nixon: Yeah, I do wipe my own butt!
me: If you were a baby, you couldn't eat by yourself or walk and you'd have to wear diapers...that's not fun, right?
Nixon: No. That's not fun at all.
me: Honey, I do sometimes miss you, as a baby, but not enough to want to lose the you you are now! I love how silly and awesome you have become.
Babies are boring.
Nixon: But you call me "baby" a lot.
me: I call you "baby" because you are, and forever will be, my baby boy. It doesn't mean I want you to be a baby again. But, it's very thoughtful that you wanted to be a baby again because you thought I wanted that.
Nixon: Yeah.
me: But buddy, your dad and I...we don't want any more babies. You are it for us, okay? You are the only baby we need and want!
Mac: Yeah, we're not doing that again!
Nixon: Okay....can we go downstairs and watch TV now?
me: *to Mac*...and he's over it all now.

* Nixon was wearing a Nike tee today. He asked me to help him read it. He spelled the words and I told him what the word was. It was kind of cool that Nixon noticed his shirt had words on it and wanted to read it.
   He needs to stop growing up!

* Anyone who has cats will know that they tend to put their asses in your face almost any chance they get. Evidently, Nixon has been watching the cats do this, because as we were relaxing together before Mac left for work, Nixon used the "ass in face slide" move on Mac.
   Mac was sitting on the floor, in front of me, while Nixon and I were on the sofa. Nixon decides he wants to get off the sofa, and rather than get off closest to me where there is lots of room, he puts his ass in Mac's face and slides by him in the most awkward and inconvenient way possible!
    Mac and I both sat with stunned looks on our faces, and Nixon finally says "Oh, excuse me", and goes about his business!

Friday, September 6, 2013

Days like today, I have no idea why the gods smiled on me and gave me Nixon...but I'm so grateful they did! He's amazing!

* I found a dead cricket this the living room. Apparently my cats will play with it till it's dead and then walk away. Nixon asked if he could leave it outside so it could wake up. How do you say no?
I didn't.
I helped him open the sliding door so he could put it outside. Once it was outside and we closed the door, I reminded him that it was dead and it'd most likely get eaten by another animal.
He says "No mom, look! It's moving!" and it was, because of a slight breeze (he placed it on the table next to the door), which I explained to him, reminding him that it was really dead.
His response? "If you say so mom, I saw it move."

* Nixon: Laying down is my favorite exercise.
me: You sound just like mommy
Nixon: Yeah.

* Nixon started telling me tonight about a bed he hasn't had in almost a year. It's his red, plastic toddler bed. He was telling me about his bed, the toys he brought to bed with him and the fact that "I slept in the little red bed when I was a little, little boy. Not a baby, but a smaller boy." I adore that he is developing long-term memories and he can tell me if he was a big boy or a smaller boy.

* Nixon saw flowers at the store with me today. I was at the register and Nixon ran over to the bucket of packaged bouquets and says "Mommy, these are beautiful and you would like them, right?". I'm not really a flower person, do you not love that your child sees something and thinks of you?
I told him "Nixon, those are lovely. You know what?! I think, you should tell Daddy you want to get those for me. I think that'd be a really nice idea, don't you?"
He stood by the flowers and thought, then said "Yeah, Daddy will like doing that for you. It'll make you smile too."
The cashier was listening and watching us the whole time, she said "You have a very sweet little boy, momma. You must be proud."
She has no idea!

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Today, Nixon has decided my random outbursts into songs are hilarious and he is demanding MORE! I love this kid, he's so good for my "fragile" ego.

* The sky tonight was looking very foreboding.

Very much like a storm was rolling in, so I said as much as Nixon was heading upstairs for his bath. I burst out singing a totally appropriate song, for the moment, Garbage's "I'm only happy when it Rains"
me: I'm only happy when it rains,
    I'm only happy when it's complicated...
Nixon: *as he's dashing up the stairs* As long as there's no thunder with it.
me: That was awesome!! He totally sang that on tune and it rhymed! Nixon you rock, kid!
Nixon: Yeah, I do. Now fill my bath with water!

* Everyone knows the "On top of Spaghetti" song, right? Well, tonight was the first night I sang the song for Nixon. Upon finishing the "....rolled out the door.", Nixon says to me "And then what happened?". I asked him what he thought happened and he said he didn't know because I should know and tell him.
BeBe is always nearby.... <3

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

My little birdie has left the nest....for 2.5 hours and then he came back home, until Friday when we do this all over again.

* Nixon had his first day at his preschool today. He came into the bedroom only 10 minutes before my alarm went off, and he asked to snuggle with me. Mac came home, also before my alarm went off, and Nixon went to say good morning to him.
   Mac was in bed when my alarm went off and Nixon got a kick out of my alarm song "Oink, oink, oink" by Pinkie Pie! Nixon and I got out of bed and left Mac to get some sleep.

* Nixon was so excited to go to school. He barely gave Mac and I a hug when we dropped him off! He was happy to meet the kids in his class and go see all the new things in his classroom.
   When we went to pick him up, we got the expected report: He had some trouble transitioning from one task to another. I knew this was going to be an issue, which is a large reason why we sought out a preschool setting for this school year in the first place. But we also found out he helped with snack time, by helping set it up! So he wasn't a total terror, just a normal unacclimated-first-day-at-school kiddo.
   He didn't want to leave, another thing I was prepared for, which is why we had a surprise ready for him: an after-school trip to FroYo! That was all it took, he happily left the classroom and was good to go!

* Best news of the day: I made it all day without shedding a single tear!