Sunday, September 22, 2013

Days like today make me realize without Nixon I might still have a shred of dignity and self-respect, but then again those things are overrated when I get to spend time playing on the floor with Nixon and some kick-ass Star Wars toys!

* Some days you've just gotta get down on the floor with your kid and play Star Wars battle games with him.
   Today was that day! Nixon had a couple awesome Star Wars vehicles and he was having a ball playing with them by himself, but he was having so much fun, I got down and joined him. Complete with sound effects and all, I might add! I do a mean pod racer sound effect.
   Nixon was laughing at me and then he hugs me and says "Mommy, you're the best mommy I ever want!", which is pretty much the best compliment ever because it'd suck if he said I was the best mom he never wanted.
   These are the days I'll love and cherish forever!

* For some reason even when I close the door, I still get invaded in the bathroom.
Nixon: *knocking on the door* Mommy, mom...are you in there?
me: Yes Nixon, I am. I'll be out in a bit.
Nixon: Mommy, you have to let me in! It's an emergency!
me: Holy crap Nixon, what's wrong? *opens the door*
Nixon: Mommy, I saw the stink coming out from under the door and you don't have the fan on. That is very dangerous.
me: Nixon, are you freaking kidding me right now? You saw the stink?
Nixon: Yes mommy. It's very dark and very stinky. I think something is rotting in here.
me just staring at my kid
Nixon: It's rotting from your BUTT!!! hahahahaaa
me: Nixon! Out! Now!
Nixon: But mommy, I saved you life, I turned on the fan to gt the stink gone!
me: Now you get to be gone too!
This funny conversation brought to you by the US Navy....for "allowing" Mac to work 7 days in a row and taking away 2 of his days off, including today. How I wish I was kidding and making the above conversation up....No, that really happened. 
he's adorable, even when he's sleeping facing the foot of his bed. 

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