Tuesday, September 24, 2013

...then Nixon met the neighbors and almost insulted them.

* We were heading out to the car, when this happened:
Nixon: Mommy, why'd that person spill coffee in the grass?
me: I'm not sure honey, maybe because the grass likes coffee like Mommy does?
Nixon: I wanna ask.
(he walks over to our neighbors and proceeds to look for where the coffee went)
Nixon: HI, I'm Nixon, where'd the coffee go?
neighbor: Hi Nixon, what a cool name *nods to me*. I'm S.
Nixon: HI S. Don't you like coffee?
S: *laughs* I do, but I pour some in the grass every day. I know it's kind of tacky.
Nixon: Oh, does the grass like the coffee?
me: *trying to help S get away from Nixon's sudden on-set of never ending questions* Honey, the grass LOVES the coffee, look hoe green and full it is!
Nixon: Oh yeah! Good job! *gives S a thumbs up* Bye S, nice meeting you.
And just like that, Nixon met one of our neighbors. Then got into my car and said "Mommy, the grass is pretty, but you're better when you drink your coffee."

* The rest of the day was relatively uneventful. Though Nixon did impress me, once again. Since I already wrote a blog about it, I'll just link it for you to read. Trust me, it's worth the read.

* Nixon asked me today to put one of his missiles back into his Star Wars speedracer. I did, because I've done it multiple times already and Nixon hasn't figured out the trick which only frustrates him and makes him *almost* throw his toy.
   When I handed it back to him, Nixon says "Thanks mom, you're my hero!" Best.Thanks.Ever!

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