Saturday, September 7, 2013

When you get down to the logic behind the things he says, he really is a sweet and caring child! Sometimes he is shockingly deep for his age.

* Nixon, Mac and I had a very interesting conversation today.
Nixon's had an odd borderline obsession with telling me he wants to be back in my belly and be a baby again. It's crazy, because he never says he wants a baby brother or sister, it's always he wants to be a baby again. So, this afternoon after Mac woke up and we were all just kind of laying around in our bed, I asked Nixon about it.
me: Nixon, how come you want to be a baby in my belly again?
Nixon: because you want a baby.
me: What?!? NO! I really do not want another baby!
Nixon: No, you miss baby me.
me: Oh! I see....
Nixon: So, I can be a baby again for you and you won't miss baby me any more.
me: Oh baby....I do miss you being a baby, some days, but I LOVE the you, you are now. You're so fun and talkative and you are wiping your own butt now!
Nixon: Yeah, I do wipe my own butt!
me: If you were a baby, you couldn't eat by yourself or walk and you'd have to wear diapers...that's not fun, right?
Nixon: No. That's not fun at all.
me: Honey, I do sometimes miss you, as a baby, but not enough to want to lose the you you are now! I love how silly and awesome you have become.
Babies are boring.
Nixon: But you call me "baby" a lot.
me: I call you "baby" because you are, and forever will be, my baby boy. It doesn't mean I want you to be a baby again. But, it's very thoughtful that you wanted to be a baby again because you thought I wanted that.
Nixon: Yeah.
me: But buddy, your dad and I...we don't want any more babies. You are it for us, okay? You are the only baby we need and want!
Mac: Yeah, we're not doing that again!
Nixon: Okay....can we go downstairs and watch TV now?
me: *to Mac*...and he's over it all now.

* Nixon was wearing a Nike tee today. He asked me to help him read it. He spelled the words and I told him what the word was. It was kind of cool that Nixon noticed his shirt had words on it and wanted to read it.
   He needs to stop growing up!

* Anyone who has cats will know that they tend to put their asses in your face almost any chance they get. Evidently, Nixon has been watching the cats do this, because as we were relaxing together before Mac left for work, Nixon used the "ass in face slide" move on Mac.
   Mac was sitting on the floor, in front of me, while Nixon and I were on the sofa. Nixon decides he wants to get off the sofa, and rather than get off closest to me where there is lots of room, he puts his ass in Mac's face and slides by him in the most awkward and inconvenient way possible!
    Mac and I both sat with stunned looks on our faces, and Nixon finally says "Oh, excuse me", and goes about his business!

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