Thursday, September 19, 2013

I adore Nixon, but we might need to talk about his team support. This is not how I wanted the Eagles season to begin....yes I am blaming my kid for my team's bad performance!

* Mac asked me what happened to this hilarious moment from last night. The honest truth? I forgot about it when I did last night's post.
   The story:
Last night Mac called his mom to talk to her and let her know he's fine, given everything going on nearby in DC I had a feeling she'd be worrying a bit. She talked to Mac a bit, then me and finally she spoke to Nixon. Nixon gets on the phone and says "Why did you forget about me, Nana?". It was hilarious!

* Today. Nixon decided to play dress-up most of the morning. He was a transformer, a soldier and a giant pile of clothes on the floor that resembled my room when I was teenager. He stood over the pile of clothes and started saying, out loud, "What do I want be? Who am I right now?"...exactly like me when I was a teenager! He ultimately decided he was going to be a boy, in a tee shirt and undies.

* At bathtime tonight, Nixon and I were talking football. The Eagles are playing tonight. I asked Nixon if he thinks the Eagles were going to win.
Nixon: Yes!
me: Really? That's great why?
Nixon: Because Eagles fly high in the sky.
me: I can't beat that logic, baby boy.
Nixon: Duh! I know that's why I said it!

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