Thursday, September 12, 2013

I can only help him get over one fear at a time, today was his fear of thunder!

* Ah, rainy boring thunder-filled day! What a wonderful Thursday! Nixon and I spent the day laying around playing a matching game on his iTouch together and watching Phineas and Ferb together. Pure awesomeness!
   Did I mention thunder? Because there was plenty of that and Nixon is not a fan of all. He was just starting to get freaked out when I came up with a most brilliant explanation to take his fear away. That explanation is far from conventional, but you know what? It worked, because after I told Nixon, he was laughing and totally unafraid of thunder.
   The magical explanation? It's not thunder, it's clouds farting! And Nixon found this hilarious! He'd start saying "Eww...the clouds just farted, Mommy! That's stinky!" and laugh! So much better than the crying and the screeching that he'd had previously.
    Just one more example of me being mom, less perfect more real and doing what I now will work for my son and helping him get over a fear.

* Nixon's telling me today he doesn't want to go back to school "because the kids are mean and hurt me." I know this is all over the block incident yesterday but I can't let him start developing a fear of school now over one bad day.
   I tell him there are bad days but we can't let them ruin our good days. I also told him that the other kid apologized so Nixon has to move past it and put it behind him, like it was an accident. I hope it works, because it's only the 2nd week of school and I don't want anything to dampen his enthusiasm.

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