Monday, September 2, 2013

So yeah...maybe bringing circumcision into a conversation about putting shoes on wasn't my highest parenting moment. I was just stating the obvious!

* Nixon saw me painting my toe nails today, so of course, he asked me to paint his. He asked me several times, even after I had told him he needed to wait until mine were dry. He was so persistent about getting his toes painted I finally had to tell him not until after he took a nap.
   Yes, he did get his nails painted before he went to bed...I'm a mom of my word.

* We were heading out to hit up Third Eye Comics and had asked Nixon to put his shoes on...
Nixon: I guess I'm not going to make any friends.
me: Nixon, what does making friends have to do with putting your shoes on?
Nixon: Because I don't know how.
me: Okay, well Nixon go to bed and stay home for the night.
Nixon: Fine, I'll put my shoes on.
me: Nixon, you act like I'm asking you to get ready to go get re-circumcised. I'm only asking you to put your shoes on so we can leave the house.
Mac: I'm not surprised with your logic but I wonder about your way of explaining things.
me: Well, am I wrong?
Nixon: I CAN'T DO IT!!!
(I'm pretty sure he was talking about putting his shoes on, but he is Mac and I's child so you never know)

* Nixon sat down on the living room floor and grabbed a book and started making up a story. It actually made a lot of sense too. Which is nice, because in the past some of his stories do not.

* Mac and Nixon read books tonight while we waited for our meals to come, when we were out for dinner tonight. Nixon was totally into it and not once did he ask for his PSP when they were reading the books.


Nixon, I think Pinkie Pie just farted on you in your sleep.....

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