Monday, February 11, 2013

The day Nixon awed people in public...because he is awesome! not awful.

* Nixon was outstandingly impressive today, while running errands with me!

First, the Post Office:
   Nixon loves our little local post office. It's tucked in the back corner of a gift shop, which means Nixon gets to look at all the cool kids (Melissa & Doug mostly) toys, while I'm at the desk dealing with stamps and packages. The Post Office is usually not very busy and he's always in my eyesight, so I'm not uncomfortable with him being a few feet away from me. Today there were a couple older women behind me, which doesn't always make for a good combination when Nixon and I are in the mix. It went like this today:
Nixon: Look mommy, I fixed it! ("it" being a bag of army men and it had been resting on the bottom rack not actually on the post it belonged on. Nixon had put it on the post with the rest of the other bags)
old lady A: Hire him now!
old lady B: Wow! That's much better than hearing "Look mommy I broke it". *small chuckle*
me: I agree. He saves that for when we're home.
old lady A: He's adorable and has lovely manners, even said "excuse me" as he passed me to get to the shelf.
me: Oh thank gods he used his manners!
As I left, I wished them both a "lovely day". Nixon was a gem the whole time!

Next, at the grocery store, I had the guy in the produce department do a double take as my little ball-of-wonder said super happily "Mommy, can I have broccoli?" Yes, that's right, my child freely and happily asked for BROCCOLI!! He even picked out  his little bunch of broccoli and put it in the bag. And was super happy that he was going to eat that for dinner. "But mommy, you can't cook it. It's yucky when it's cooked."
And that was when the other produce guy looked at me like I had the oddest kid in the world. Because my son declared cooked broccoli was gross!

cute, uses manners, might be developing OCD about store displays AND eats his broccoli...I am one lucky mommy!

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