Friday, February 15, 2013

the day Nixon stole Mac's cat and declared her as his own!

* Mac: Do you hear this punk?
me: What?
Mac: According to Nixon, Amber is his cat.
me: Well, she does like him. Nixon, who's cat is Arwen?
Nixon: Arwen is Amber's cat!
me: What?! Arwen isn't Amber's cat. Our pet doesn't have a pet of her own. If Amber is your cat, then Arwen is who's cat?
Nixon: Um.....mommy's.
me: Yes, Arwen is my cat.
Mac: Because she's a butthole and doesn't like anyone else.

* During dinner I was telling Mac about the little girl Nixon was cozying up to at the Post Office today. He was adorable, very kind and sweet. I was proud to be his mom. On the way out, we were walking out in front of the little girl and her mom, so I was holding the door for them when Nixon said "I got this mom" and tried holding it. cute!
  Mac asked Nixon what his "girlfriend's" name was.
  Nixon: "His name was Nixon"
  me: "No baby, not your name, the little girl's name"
  Nixon: "OH....yeah, I don't know"
  me: "That's good, he's keeping it simple"

it looks like he's mad or trying to avoid the flash, he's not. He has no clue I'm even in the room with him right now. Sweet dreams, my love.  

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