Thursday, February 7, 2013

Beautiful, bittersweet bedtime

* Mac and I were snuggled on the sofa together when Nixon came over and sniffed Mac. He says "Pee-you, you smell stinky!" than laughs and runs away. I tell Mac, "He wasn't talking to me" and Mac says "Our kid's kind of a dick."
Maybe, but if you stink then you stink..Nixon might just be a little too blunt and honest.

* Nixon wanted to make a video for one of his cousin's, who was celebrating her first birthday today. He did and it was adorable! I love this singing phase he's suddenly in!

* Nixon wanted me to read him a new story tonight. So I started reading his first ever chapter book The Case of the Elevator and the Duck. I was going to stop after 3 chapters, but Nixon asked me to keep reading. So I kept reading until I noticed Nixon had fallen asleep. I can't ever remember my parents reading to me, let alone me falling asleep to the sound of their voice while they read to me, so this was especially bittersweet to me.

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