Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Apparently, according to my 4-year old, I need a job....and then he offered me job security.

* Nixon spent the morning in his brand new, built by mommy, movie fort! Complete with pillows, blankets, snacks delivery service and his privacy. At one point he had Amber in there...and half his toy box. I told Mac he is a hoarder in the making. I was only half-joking.

* Nixon (to me this evening):you can get a job
me:I have a job. I take care of you.
Nixon:I'm not a job.
me:So if I don't take care of you what do I do?
Nixon: Nothing, that's why you get a job.
me:But if I get a job who will take care of you?
me:BeBe will take care of you (BeBe is his stuffed teddy bear, NOT proper supervision) And who will feed you?
me:Amber's going to feed you?
Nixon:No. Amber is eating her food.
me:Why did you tell me to get a job? That made me sad. (he goofs off for a few seconds)
Nixon:You do take care of me...I so sorry mom.
me: (I look up and suddenly realize....)Why are you naked?
Nixon:Because I want your job to dress me and carry me.
me:Can I turn down that job offer??

* Sorry, Iron Man you've been replaced. "Hawkeye is the best hero" says Nixon today.
I caught him as he was going to the bathroom, so I asked him if he wanted to hold the sign. He did, then he was fast asleep again. 

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