Tuesday, February 26, 2013

...when we as parents are in the wrong, apologize until the child laughs

* We frequently struggle with understanding some words Nixon says. Tonight we had a horrible misunderstanding. Nixon was getting frustrated with the bridge he was trying to build for his Star Wars angry birds figures to sit on, and was saying "this stupid bridge won't stay up" but it sounded like "this stupid bitch won't stay up". He said it twice before we corrected him, then as he was sitting on my lap crying for getting in trouble, I realized what he really had said, not what we had heard. We quickly apologized and I helped him build his bridge.
(for the record, he has said "bitch" before in perfect context...but it's been quite a while which is why today's incident was surprising to us. He's been really good about no cursing)

he has a twin sized bed, but sleeps curled up in a ball that is smaller than his crib sized mattress....I also sleep in a position similar to this. 


  1. lol Good parents! Setting the example so he learns to apologize when HE makes a mistake :) Kids keep you hopping! lol

    1. Does he ever! He is tongue tied, which makes some sounds hard for him to pronounce clearly. Plus, when he gets frustrated he talks quickly (like I tend to do) which compounds the speech issues even more...
      but we were wrong and we did owe him an apology. He's actually very good about apologizing when he's wrong too. So I guess we're setting a good example so far. I hope we are at least.

      Thanks for reading!