Saturday, February 23, 2013

It's early and my bed is calling me

* Why does every store, gas station today as it were, have those candy set ups that just doom parents? Nixon latched onto a giant jawbreaker sized lollipop while I was paying for gas (inside because the card reader at the pump was acting wonky and I couldn't leave Nixon in the car alone). He's throwing a fit to the car about that stupid lollipop only to totally forget about it 10 minutes later. Ah, the attention span of a child.

* No sleeping child picture tonight. Nixon and I did a movie night tonight and I'm beat! He's still winding down and I am not going to make it. He's sleeping in bed with me tonight, one of the perks to daddy still working midnight shift. Instead I give you our cheesy mid-movie smile instagram picture:

Some nights I've just gotta sleep. Tonight is that night.

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