Saturday, February 16, 2013

A return visit from Captain Obvious

* Out running errands today, it started wet sloppy snowing. Nixon's seen snow and played in it but hasn't ever been outside in it while it was snowing heavily. I took him to the car while Mac paid for our items and it was pretty ugly outside. Nixon was all disgusted as I was buckling him in his carseat telling me "Mommy, this snow is getting me all wet and cold. It's not pretty at all!" I laughed and told him "I know baby, sometimes snow is just a big mess." He says "Crap on a stick mom, it's getting my chips wet. This is not fun at all."
  Guess he's as over snow as I am. haha Well, I grew up outside of Buffalo, New York and spent 20 plus winters there, he's in his first winter. I think he'll get over it and love it again next time it's not ruining the bag of chips he was enjoying :) He gets that from his daddy.

this was right before I had to "wrestle" with my sleeping child, to keep his fingers out of his mouth! It's a helluva struggle to break him of this habit and he's terrible at it in his sleep. I won, tonight, this one's a small victory, but one I'm quite proud of!

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