Thursday, February 21, 2013

My boy is learning how to cook!

* Nixon helped me make breakfast this morning. He was super excited to help! He was in charge of the scrambled eggs. He scrambled them and, under my watchful eye, cooked them almost entirely by himself. We also had bacon, juice and coffee (coffee-milk for him) together.

* Dinner time...well that did not go so well. Even though he helped me with the mac & cheese, he took 3 small, tentative bites and refused to eat anymore even after he was warned he'd go to bed. The bites he did take, he claimed it was yummy, but his face looked like someone put garbage on his tongue.
 He went to bed early.

*sigh* Tomorrow is another day and I'm sure he'll still be a choosy little eater then too. But at least he's learning how to cook a little bit.

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