Friday, February 22, 2013

The random things that amaze him and amuse me

* Nixon: Wow! I have my body!
me: you have bones?
Nixon: uh-huh. In my body. *gives me his arm* Feel. Those are all my bones!

* Nixon couldn't find his stuffed teddy bear, BeBe. He was searching upstairs and downstairs, getting more and more frantic as he went. He stopped in front of me and said "Mommy, what if BeBe ran away?" with genuine concern in his voice. I asked him if he thought BeBe ran away and he says "I have been bossy." 
 We found BeBe, Nixon gave her a giant hug....and never once mentioned the bossiness that led him to think she ran away. haha Maybe he's decided it's best not to give her any reason to runaway in the future?

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