Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Sometimes you just need to shake your booty!

* Nixon (talking on the phone to grandpa)
"I picking up tires. Cause they dangerous. Okay? Yeah. I love you. Bye"
I love that he is so funny, affectionate and keeps the conversation short all at the same time. And my dad? He gets a little choked up hearing his grandson's voice, which makes me smile.

* Spontaneous dance party in the living room with Nixon! Totally rocked! Best way to have my son giggle, my butt off the couch and both of us busting a move together! Thank you, Vanilla Ice!

It's almost like he knows I'm in the room taking his picture...he doesn't, but his sleep'itude would lead you to believe otherwise. 


  1. OK,the net time we see each other, you better wear your glasses, because I will totally poke you in the eye for thanking Vanilla Ice for anything!!! But I still love ya! :D <3

  2. oops!!! Correction: net = next ;) <3

  3. haha Sometimes you need to thank him for the silliness his songs can bring to the table! A little dance party is always a good time.