Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Want a kid to behave from the beginning of the day? Bribery works wonders!

* Nixon went to bed last night with a promise that, if he was good, he would get to go to the comic books store with me and get some Star Wars Angry Birds. The comic book store is amazing and has meltdown potential at every 2 feet. But I had a goal and since Mac was working... bribery was a must!
  And it worked! Nixon was a gem. The Angry Birds was the first thing he saw, and with bag in hand he was great as we wondered through the whole store while I grabbed what I had gone there to get. Three of the employees commented on how awesome he was today, possibly because they've seen and heard him at his worst.

Sometimes I get lucky and can get a little artsy with the late night pictures. Tonight I managed to get the wall art I made for his birthday in the frame. Because I'm just that talented! 

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