Sunday, February 10, 2013

Just go to sleep! Mommy wants to go to bed already!

* Nixon and I made homemade Valentine's Day cards for some very special people today. Nixon was super proud of his 'i's in the cards...which actually looked like '!'s. So cute though! They are going in the mail tomorrow, so I'm hopeful they will reach his Valentine's in time.

* Bedtime is at 9pm. I read 2 chapter of Tom Sawyer tonight, which meant I was up there until around 930pm. I don't mind because I love that he's excited about a book. But I went back upstairs to watch tv in bed at 1015pm and he was STILL AWAKE!! Please go to sleep! I need you to go to sleep, so I can silently creep in, take a few pictures, write this blog, post said pictures on said blog, post the blog, copy the blog onto the facebook page..then, and only then, can I go to sleep! So please, if you love your mother at!
He finally went to sleep.....

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