Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Happy Thanksgiving, y'all! Nixon and I spent the day in our jammies and never left the house. We watched the Macy's parade in the morning together and then had to turn off the cable because it was acting all wonky.
Since we had Thanksgiving dinner on Tuesday we didn't do much today but veg out, nap and watch Charlie Brown Thanksgiving specials!

Nixon's still sick and is starting to complain that he can't hear out of his ears. might be doctor time, for real.

I'm going out tomorrow night with a few people Mac works with, who I met Tuesday. I haven't gone out with anyone in well over 6 months. As Nixon was getting ready to go to bed, I told that tomorrow night he and Daddy would be doing his bedtime because I was going out with some friends. He freaked out and started crying! He was convinced he was never going to see me again, and I was leaving him forever! I mean, this was a for real freak out! I've never seen him do this before! It took me over 45 minutes to get him to finally stop crying and calm down so I could read him a bedtime story!
Talk about some serious Mommy guilt!
He finally laid on my chest and listened to my heartbeat. I asked him what it was saying and he said "I love you, Nixon".

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Oh the conversations I have with Nixon!

* I was lucky enough to be given the morning to sleep in. And sleep in I did. I didn't get out of bed until almost 11:15am. When Nixon saw me he said "Mommy, your hair is a mess!", child's honesty knows no bounds.

* I took Nixon to Third Eye Comics today, to catch up on my comic books, and Nixon was a gem. As I was cashing out he was playing with these fingertip tentacles. He likes to make an entire hand of them. I was done and ready to leave, Nixon was staying put continuing to add more tentacles to his hand. I said "Nixon, you need to come here now or I'm leaving without you". He suddenly runs up after me and says "MOM! You can't leave without me. I'm a little boy and you have to take me with you.", I tell him "But you're cute, I'm sure someone else would take you home and keep you safe, especially since you never want to listen to me.", his reply was simply awesome "But no one else is my mommy like you are. You have to take me home because I belong with you!"
   Yes, yes you do, my love.

* This final conversation was a doozy:
Nixon: Do you have a baby in your belly?
me: No! I'll never have another baby in my belly again. You were the baby I'll ever have in my belly.
Nixon: I was little when I was in your belly.
me: Thank gods yes you were.
Nixon: I was in your belly and I was little, then you pushed out of your belly.
me: Yep, you were ready to come out and I pushed you out of my vagina. And you've been in my arms ever since.
Nixon: Awww
me: Nixon, do you think I need a baby in my belly?
Nixon: No, lots of people have babies in the bellies. You don't need one.
me: Really? So you're okay with us having a small family and never having a baby in the house?
Nixon: Yes. Because babies are noisy and hurt my ears. And...they poop in their diapers. That's gross!
me: Oh, kiddo, I love you so much right now!
Nixon: I love you too, Mommy!
excuse the runny nose....snot faucet remember?!?
* Nixon got his library card today! He was so proud, so happy and so excited! He picked out 3 books and a dvd to check out. He even chose a book for me! He was wonderful and loves the library.
He gets a crazy cowlick every night as his hair gets longer. 

Monday & Tuesday (Nov 25 & 26th) Recap

* Monday morning Nixon woke up excited about the library. I really should've checked out the hours before I told him we'd go on Monday....our closest branch didn't open until 1pm on Mondays! To say he was disappointed would be an understatement. I'm pretty sure he was beginning to think the library was an imaginary place.
   We did have to go grocery shopping, since we were celebrating Thanksgiving on Tuesday and I was making several dishes including the turkey and ham. We grabbed some McDonald's before going as Mac hadn't eaten yet, and Nixon got a Happy Meal. Turns out that was the best choice, as it kept him seated and quiet while I did the shopping. It wasn't crowded but I did have a couple multiple lists to shop off of.
   As I mentioned, Nixon was great until we got to the register and he saw all the holiday toys next to it. Mac ended up taking him to the car while I finished checking out.
   He went to bed as usual on Monday night, feeding Scootaloo first. He got super excited because he noticed Scootaloo had gotten a little bigger! Nixon says "good morning" and "good night" to Scootaloo every day, and every day Scootaloo is looking right at him seeming to be returning the greetings.  

* Tuesday started super early. We had a good friend come over to spend the day with us and start cooking the big dinner in the afternoon with me. The three of us made a quick trip out for a couple errands and then grabbed donuts for breakfast on the way home.
   We had an awesome, bacon-themed Thanksgiving meal made. So what's Nixon ask for, for dinner? Peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Yep....bacon wrapped green beans, bacon wrapped stuffing balls, bacon deviled eggs, ranch mashed potatoes, stuffing, gravy, ham, bacon wrapped boneless turkey breast, green bean casserole and pumpkin pies! And Nixon says "Mommy, this food smells stinky. I think I'd like a peanut butter and jelly sandwich please." Sonuvabitch!

In other news, Nixon is still dealing with a cold. He's had it for over a couple weeks now mostly a runny nose and a cough. No fever and not at all lethargic, just a snot faucet for a nose.

Sunday, November 24, 2013

He "blahed" in the morning, tripped over the cat and calmed himself by listening to my heartbeat.

Last night I spent the night moving flies onto an external hard drive and then backed up my laptop. After that I defragged and cleaned my hard drive...turns out that took a lot longer than I had expected. It was still running when I went to bed last night. 

This morning Nixon comes into the bedroom and tells me he "blahed" Nixonese for vomited. I go into the bathroom and he did, in the toilet, but it didn't look like anything serious. I tucked him back into bed and went back to sleep myself. He came back in a couple hours later and said he "blahed" again. He's had an awful wet cough lately, my thoughts were that he was coughing too hard and ended up bringing something up.
We woke up and I made Nixon some toast.

Nixon and Amber were both in the kitchen with me. Some how, Nixon ended up getting tripped by Amber and fell hard on his knees and hands on the kitchen floor. He was good about it, even apologized to Amber for falling over her. I iced his knee, while he sat down on the love seat.

He's in bed now, has been for almost 2 hours. He woke up crying a bit ago. He always wakes up crying when I put the vaporizer in his room. The odd thing is (odd as in this is a total mom thing) the heat is running and I have the TV on, his bedroom door is closed and I still heard him without him ever getting out of bed. I get into his room and snuggle him. He always says the most incoherent things when he's half-asleep. Tonight he told me he needed to go downstairs because he lost me and I was falling. I assured him I was not lost, I was holding him and we were not falling. He asked to listen to my heartbeat, so I let him listen to it. He relaxed in a few seconds and was ready to get back under his blankets. This kid kills me he's so sweet.

Friday, November 22, 2013

Today we welcomed Scootaloo into the family!

Meet Scootaloo

* Nixon woke up this morning very excited for school! He was excited to give his teacher the card he made for her. We took him to school and he went right over to her, handed her the card and said "I'm sorry I pulled my pants down.", gave her a hug and was off to the playground with the rest of his class. 
  We never mentioned the fish, I wanted him to be good in class because he knew he should be not because he wanted his fish. There was some serious anxiety in my chest as we headed into his classroom.
   It was all for naught! Nixon had a wonderful day! When I heard that and we got him out to the car, I told him we were going to get him his fish today! Holy cow was he excited!! 

* At bedtime, Nixon came down stairs to tell me "Mommy, Scootaloo isn't going to sleep! He's still playing, even though I told him he needs to go to sleep now!". I mean, for real, how cute is that?!?!
   I took him back to bed and explained that Scootaloo isn't like us or the cats, meaning he won't lie down to sleep Instead he'll drift peacefully in one spot or hide in the plant in his bowl, but he needs to move a little to breathe. Nixon said "Oh, well that's okay, but I need my sleep!" as if Scootaloo was being noisy in his tank and keeping Nixon awake. 

* Watching Bubble Guppies tonight, Nixon saw an episode about the library. He asked me if he can go get a book about baby kitties. I told him we'll go next week (because of the Thanksgiving holiday, Nixon has the week off from school) and we'll get books. He was really into it, telling me what books I should get and Daddy should get. 
   Why hadn't I thought of this before?!?!?

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Day 2 as a 5-year-old verdict: Not a total loss.

From the get-go today had a vibe about it. Not a bad one, but a change. Nixon woke up and was kind of awesome, maybe in part to the blanket fort I set up for him last night before I went to bed.

When it was time for breakfast, he started pouting/talking back and refused to go to his room when I told him too. The end result? No TV before nap time. We did play games, action figures and made his teacher a card for tomorrow.
   Nixon did help me make scrambled eggs this morning. He helped me crack all the eggs and even broke 2 of his own (1 totally on his own!!) with very few pieces of shell falling into the bowl. They were large enough that I could pick them out before mixing the eggs.

After our nap, yes I took a nap as well...we're all fighting a cold. Nixon asked for a snack and to watch TV. I waited until he asked the correct way AND apologized for this morning. It went like this "Mommy, please can I apologize for not listening and for pouting this morning? AndnowcanIwatchTVplease?!?" He got one hour of shows, then Mac got to choose what we watched, then dinner time and after dinner came bath time to bedtime.

Overall, today was NOT a horrific day. We did spend a little more time talking about good behavior at school, respecting his teachers and also how to be a gracious winner. He is an overly celebratory winner which I'm going to help work on with him.

Nixon and his Ace McCloud from Centurions, taking a break from our good vs evil "battles"

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

He's 5!!! Happy 5th birthday, Nixon!

I wish I could say today was wonderful from the start. That butterflies came out just to celebrate the day my son entered the world and that at the exact moment of his birth a lark landed on our windowsill and serenaded him.
Unfortunately, none of that happened. Here's what actually did happen:

He woke up and was kind of awesome. He was excited to get ready for school and share his birthday cupcakes. We got to school and he wanted to play with the toys but the class was going outside....I left, letting the teachers do what they do. I made purple cupcakes at home for him, totally ready to celebrate Nixon's birthday.

Instead, I was greeted by a crying child who told me "Mommy, you're heart's going to be sad. I had a bad day at school." when I entered his classroom. And oh boy, he was not lying! My newly 5-year old son was defiant, crass, disrespectful and last but by no means least, exposed himself. All to a teacher. He entered the teacher's office area, was asked to come out, refused, asked to come out again, yelled and refused again, when the teacher went in to the office to bring him out Nixon pulled his pants and undies down...this happened 3 times before they got him to keep his undies on and his pants only dropped to his knees. (This was told to me as if I should be comforted by this "progress").

Nixon and I talked about this in the car. We talked about it when we got home. I finally came up with a punishment by the time Mac woke up and the 3 of us talked about it. Nixon is not phased by spankings, or taking things away, or spending time in his room without toys, but he has been looking forward to getting a pet fish for weeks now. We had planned on doing it for his birthday, taking him to pick out his own fish.  I decided to put that on pause and told him we're going to wait to see how he behaves on Friday in school. The tank is set up, in his room, it's just waiting for a fish. But it's not happening right now.
Just talking to him about what happened he was dismissive, rude (looking away, trying to get away from me while I'm talking to him) and....I just don't know what was going on in his head.

By bedtime he was better. He snuggled with me for a bit, after he managed to fall off the love seat in the living room, and had a blanket bunker he was hiding under watching his psp before Mac left for work. We even went out to get our traditional Taco Bell dinner we've done every year since Nixon's birth.
As I was putting him to bed, I was talking to him telling him how much I loved him and he starts moving his hand mimicking me as I was talking. I stopped talking and just looked at him. He kept doing it, I still said nothing, just looked at him waiting for him to stop. He didn't so I left his room and didn't say goodnight.
I cried silently once earlier today, I'm not going to do it again tonight.....

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

'Tis was the night before my baby turned 5 and being the only one awake in the house, my eyes were totally dry and yes, I am also surprised!

* Today was rough, but not because of anything Nixon did. I had my first real, painful migraine in a few years. I woke up with it and it got progressively worse as the day went on. Mac let me nap before he napped today. Nixon was pretty quiet, thankfully.
   When it was time for me to get up, Nixon came up and asked me if my head was feeling better. It wasn't, and I couldn't even lie to him. He gave my head a kiss.

* Nixon asked me what my head felt like. I was flinching when he made noise and he noticed it.
 I explained it as best I could: It feels like I had a troll in my head, with a shovel and he was digging deep in my brain and scooping out parts of my brain every time I heard a loud noise. Nixon looked at me, eyes wide, and says "Ouch!", then walks up to my head, kissed it and said (very softly) into my ear "Now you leave mommy's head you mean troll!"

* Tonight, Nixon headed up to bed at 745pm. After he brushed his teeth, and put Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash to bed in his bed since they "wanted to sleep without me" according to Nixon, I tucked him into my bed for the night.

  I was lying there, telling him how much I loved him...grateful I was he was mine, how happy he made me, all the mushy things I had swirling in my head right before he turns 5. He was listening, until he rolled away from me and said "Shh, I'm sleepy. I have a big day tomorrow. I'm going to be 5!", as if I didn't already know!

Monday, November 18, 2013

"Best birthday party EVER!!" -Nixon

* Today we had Nixon's birthday party. It was a super small event, only us and 2 friends. I decorated while Nixon napped and when he woke up he said "Wow! These are the best decorations ever! This is my best party ever!"
   He did get his My Little Pony theme. He loved it!

* He got a Rainbow Dash pony for his birthday. We took him to Build-A-Bear and did the whole thing together with our friends who bought it for him as his gift. He loved it all!

* He had his pink cake with pink frosting:

* He also got his fish tank ready for his fish. We'll get his fish either tomorrow or Wednesday...we'll see how our days go.
   Mac bought him Centurion figures with accessories, a couple MASK vehicles and an entire lot of new Star Wars figures! Nixon was over-the-moon excited about it!

The best part was hearing him say, repeatedly, that today was a great day and this was his best party ever! There was really nothing special about the party, other than he was totally surrounded by people who love him.
After taking this picture Nixon said, in his sleep, "Please leave my room."

Saturday, November 16, 2013

November 320

 Sorry for the lack of posts. I was going to post one last night, but Nixon has another cold and came downstairs asking for me to come to bed and snuggle him. He doesn't sleep well when he's congested and he wakes up scared when he can't breath. He took his medicine before bed, but was still super congested. All he really wanted was to see me next to him when he woke up scared. 
  I couldn't deny him that. 

  As for school, he had a great week! He earned two index cards of stickers in class and he was one of the few kids NOT sitting on the ledge in Time Out when I picked him up Friday. He's also started belting out totally random songs to the tune of Jingle Bells! Even though I don't like all the christmasy things going on before Thanksgiving, I'll let this one go because he is adorable when he makes up songs!

* Nixon came into my bedroom and asked me when I was getting up. I set the alarm on my phone and handed it to him. I said "When my alarm song plays you can wake me up." It was set for 10 minutes from when he asked.
   He's in his room and I can hear him talking to my phone "Why aren't you going off?" and "This is taking forever!" and finally, as he slams his bedroom door and stomps into my room "You didn't even set the alarm, right! It's never going off!"
   I laughed, told him I did set the alarm, showed him the time it was set for even...and then got out of bed.

* Nixon's birthday is in 4 days. His very quaint (re:small) party, is in 2 days. While he's in school Monday, I'll decorate. In the afternoon a couple of our good friends will come over and we'll all take Nixon to Build-A-Bear for his birthday gift. Then he gets to pick dinner and we'll have his pink frosted with silver sugar glitter on top. At his wonderful, My Little Pony themed party.

* I spent this morning inadvertently explaining drag queens to Nixon this morning. He asked me about my bra and then said "I'm too small to wear one." So I explained boys don't wear bras. Then I amended that statement and said "Some boys like to play dress-up and they wear bras, dresses, wigs, high heels..the works. They are beautiful too!"
   It wasn't the most elegant explanation, but for a nearly 5-year old it was easy to understand.  

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Opps...that's one joke that went too far.

* Nixon had an awesome day at school today! He had an index card full of stickers! Not one meltdown and was totally playing nicely with other kids when I arrived to pick him up! It was a wonderful change from the past couple weeks.

* I heard today, that Disney has their own on-site jail. I jokingly said "I just decided my goal is to go to jail at Disney! It sounds like a lot of fun!".
   Nixon was in the room with me and he got real serious real fast. He come over to me and said "Mom, you can't go to jail. We need you here with us" and he gave me a hug and kiss.
   He told me more than once I shouldn't want to go to jail, because jail is for bad people and I'm not a bad person.
   I told him I wouldn't be going to jail and I'd behave.

   He's such a buzzkill! (kidding....I'll go to Disney jail when he's old enough to WANT to be rid of me)

Monday, November 11, 2013

Nixon's first board game and a family game day was had!

* I picked up Nixon from school and we headed off to a store so Nixon could pick out a board game (or 2) with the money his Nana sent him for Halloween. I've been hanging on to it, waiting for a reason to let Nixon spend it. Today seemed a good idea because his birthday's coming up and it's starting to get colder so board games will keep him busy when it's very cold outside.
   Nixon chose a Skylander's game that's just like Trouble: popper in the center holding the dice, and pegs you move according to the number on the dice.
    We played as soon as we got home. Nixon won the first game, totally fair and square! And he was super happy and excited too! He wanted to play over and over and over again. He even played a game by himself while Mac and I ate our dinners!

* Nixon's birthday party will be next Monday. We've got a couple friends coming over to celebrate with us. He's finally decided his theme will be My Little Pony. I took him to the nearest party store today and let him see all the options and he was super into the My Little Pony supplies!
   He also got to chose his cupcakes: pastel confetti cake mix, pink frosting and silver sugar glitter! He's super happy about the silver sugar glitter. He spent the rest of our time in the store carrying his sugar glitter around.
   I love my son and the simple things that make him so happy.

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Uggg....what a damned day.

* You know those hard conversations that sneak up on you out of nowhere? Yeah, me too. This one caught me off guard today.
   This morning started with some coffee-milk (for Nixon), coffee for Mac and I, layers of clothes and a warm blanket for sitting outside waiting for another very awesome signing at Third Eye Comics. Nixon and I got there about an hour before the store opened. Nixon was running around but not being overly rowdy.
   Doors opened, we went in, got our stuff signed and even won 2 drawing from the artist. We were hanging out hoping the line slowed down so we could get the drawings and go home. Nixon spent most of his time playing with the dice, lining them up and what-not. He had become especially fond of this one pink die.
   Nixon had to go to the bathroom. The comic book store doesn't have a restroom, so we take him to the store next to them which does. While in there, Nixon says "Look momma, I have my pink dice in my hand!"

    We went back to the store, found one of the owners and I had Nixon hand her back the dice and apologize for stealing it. We then found a "quiet" area and I explained to him why stealing is wrong. I know he didn't do it on purpose, but to me it's very important to nip this now before he does start doing it on purpose.
   He was sad, because he thought I was being mean and that the store owners wouldn't let him in the store anymore. I dialed it back a bit and told him he did the right thing by returning the die and apologizing. He was much better behaved after that and we left for home around noon.

* In other news, he chose his birthday theme. He wants My Little Pony plates/cups/napkins. He also asked for a Twilight Sparkle mask, but I doubt he'll get it since he hates masks and complain about them when he does wear them.
This is how I found him...curled up in a ball without blankets. 

Friday, November 8, 2013

Nixon's first field trip!

Nixon on the hayride

* Nixon's class went on a field trip to a farm today. I was able to go with and actually rode the bus with him, which was an experience.

* For some reason it was freaking cold! That meant I was extra cold and Nixon was extra cold. It led to whining, fake crying....oh goddess the fake crying, and a clingy Nixon. He had fun in the corn maze running around chasing and being chased. He enjoyed the animals, when he got to see them and he liked the hay ride.

* The best part about being cold for a couple hours and having Nixon running around crazy for a couple hours? The nice, warm cozy nap we both got to take when we got home.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Music, teaching him to lose and awesome shopping experience today!

* Today I had some shopping to do to get ready for Nixon's very first field trip tomorrow. Since Nixon was home with me today, I took him with me. I had my lists, Nixon knew where we were going and our game plan was set.
   We hit the first store and Nixon was awesome. Went to the second store and Nixon was so much better than the first! He helped me chose fruits, asked for broccoli, and even showed me (but didn't ask for) cupcakes he'd like for his birthday to take to school.

* In the car on the way to our shopping adventures, I had my iPod hooked up. We were listening to Miley Cyrus' newest album, and Nixon suddenly says "Momma, can you turn it off for a second?"
   I do and he says, "I wanted to tell you, I really like the music! It makes me want to dance!".
   After Miley, Nixon and I were both in the car singing to songs from My Little Pony. We started with Winter Wrap-up and kept singing together song, after song.
   It's the first time Nixon has really sang in the car and honestly, I love that he let me sing with him.

* Finally, Nixon asked me to buy him a tic-tac-toe game. It's winter themed, but it made him happy and he was super awesome, so I bought it.
   We came home and he wanted me to play it with him. I taught him a very important lesson: Pay attention to your moves. After losing several games, deciding to switch from 'X' to 'O' because he thought that was why he was losing and finally he started listening. He stopped just thinking about HIS next move and started looking for MY next move. He may not have beaten me, but he did stop me and we had more than a couple games end with no winner. He learned that having no winner was sometimes better than having a winner. It meant he was keeping up with me and planning his moves.
   He really liked that he stopped me from winning.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Nixon's making his list....

* During breakfast today, Nixon brings up Santa. He says he wants stompeez (those slippers that move when kids walk. Like they have ears that will go up with every step) and Fluttershy "because Santa has connections at Build-A-Bear, you know Momma". He thinks this because last year he got an Iron Man teddy bear from Build-A-Bear.
   He will have to decide on only one gift, because Santa likes to keep the load light for the safety of the reindeer.

* I started working on Nixon and his excessive whining today. He did one Time-Out in the spare bedroom, and 2 calm downs on the stairs with warnings if he whined he'd go up to the spare room for a time out. The stairs was for talking back, which usually leads to whining.
   By bedtime he was not whining and asking for things the correct way.
   It's a start.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

....the day Nixon asked to leave BeBe at home has arrived. My baby boy is growing up, for real!

* Some days I'm almost grateful Nixon is acting a fool in public. Today was one of those days. We're standing in the check out line, and Nixon is upset because he didn't get to go to the toy department. While he's starting to freak out, the woman in line behind us starts going on-and-on-and-on about shopping for toys for her grandson! Really, lady?!? I'm trying to avoid that "t" word and you keep bringing it up. Instead, I try to be courteous and ask how old her grandson is. I'm not sure how old she thought Nixon was, but her grandson is 8! Now, Nixon is tall, but c'mon!
  Eventually, Mac told me to just take Nixon to the car. I did. I picked him up and carried him to the car. Poor Mac, the lady was still talking after we left.

* Sometimes Nixon's cute hits an overload.
   Last night, at Third Eye Comics, Nixon and I were walking around one part of the store and Mac was in a different area. Nixon stopped at the front counter and says to the guys who work there "Excuse me...have you seen my Dad?", just as cute as could be. He knew I was right behind him but he was still concerned about finding Mac.
  I fall in love with him a little more every day...last night this was the moment.

* Nixon and I had to run to Target today, while Mac slept. Before we left Nixon told me "Momma, BeBe needs to take a nap. Can you put him in bed before we go in the car?". I obliged, tucking BeBe into Nixon's bed and we left.
   The amazing part isn't that Nixon wanted BeBe to be tucked in for a nap. It's that we left the house, without a fight, without BeBe. Nixon has had BeBe in hand almost his entire life, so him asking to leave him home is a big step. It's one I knew had to come eventually, but it kind of surprised me too.

No trick camera angle needed, this kid is all legs
* Before bed, Nixon decided to watch the end credits of Wreck-It Ralph. He loves that song and he was dancing to it. Let me tell you, watching an almost-5-year old figuring out how to do the running man all by himself is something to behold! He was doing really good too! I wanted to get a video of him doing it but he said he's not ready for it.
   I can respect that. He'll be working on it, I'm positive

Monday, November 4, 2013

....and then he learned the phrase "vagina fruit"

* Nixon didn't have a good day at school. But it wasn't a bad day either. He didn't cry or whine, but he wasn't exactly participating either. When we got into the car, I laid down the law: no PSP, no iTouch and more than likely no TV tonight. We got home and he did his learning path, and then took a nap.
   He watched one TV show tonight of his liking.

* Nixon helped Mac and I clean up the sidewalk today. We all cleaned up the fallen leaves and bagged them. Nixon was a great help, using the rake and his hands to make piles for Mac to scoop the leaves up from. He helped us bring out trash and recycling too!
   Then he had a meltdown.
   Time out to the spare bedroom (no toys for him to play with in there). Then he did the crying and whining. It's fake crying. For every fake wail I heard, he added another minute to his time out. After reaching 15 minutes, I decided to try a different approach.
   I calmed him down and gave him a choice. He could settle down and write "I am sorry" 5 times or he could keep crying and talking back and go to bed. He chose to write "I am sorry" 5 times, then went downstairs and showed Mac and apologized.
   We were all good right after that.

* While I was making dinner, Nixon kept coming out to the kitchen and asking if dinner was done yet. For some reason I felt like he was under the impression I was not going to feed him.
   After the billionth trip of Nixon coming into the kitchen and saying "Mommy, is the pasta ready yet?" I kicked him out of the kitchen. I realized I needed to ask him what he wanted to drink, so I called him to the kitchen....he didn't respond. I called him response. I called him a third time, this time calling him "vagina fruit" and he came running over, laughing. "Mommy, what did you call me?" he asked. I told him and then asked him my question. He was cracking up and spent the rest of the time before dinner calling me, the cats and everything "vagina fruit".
   I had to tell him that it's okay to say that, but only at home. Never outside of the house and never, ever at school. It's a family nickname sort of thing.....his teachers will thank me, assuming they knew he was saying this.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

It's time!

* Nixon woke me up a little before 930am asking if we could go downstairs now. I got up and we went downstairs, leaving Mac to sleep in peace. I decided to make Nixon eggs and toast for breakfast, and Nixon asked if he could help. He broke one egg, and it sort of cracked in his hand and he freaked out! He was really upset that there was "slimy, messy egg stuff" on his hand. I cleaned it off and he was soon back to wanting to beat the eggs in the bowl for me.

* After breakfast, Nixon started digging into his dress-up box. He decided that today he was going to be Optimus Prime. He put the mask on, and then his rain boots. His rain boots were his "robot feet". He found his Optimus Prime costume and asked for a little help putting it on. Soon enough, he was walking around making robot sounds and using his robot voice!

* Watching the Eagles vs Raiders game today. Nixon asked to sit next to me. After he got all comfy, I asked him who his favorite football team was. He says "The Eagles!" and then says "They're going to beat the Giants." I had to correct him, as the Eagles lost to the Giants last week, but they were SPANKING the Raiders today!
  I kissed Nixon and told him he was my favorite child and not just because he's the only one I have. He says to me "I know, it's because I'm so cute!" Damn straight, son!

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Damn you Halloween candy!!

* Nixon woke up this morning...asked for candy. After breakfast...asked for candy. Was told not to ask for any more he started describing the candy he'd like instead of asking for it. ("That long, brown piece in the red and white wrapper is tasty, right momma?")

* Evidently Nixon wants every single toy he sees a commercial for. Or at least that's what he was telling me today. He even said he wants a baby doll...because he saw a commercial for one.

Today's post is short and sweet...

Friday, November 1, 2013

It's a ghostly wake-up call for me today!

* I got a little glow-in-the-dark Hello Kitty toy yesterday. Nixon loves this thing and thinks its awesome that you can charge it with a light.
   This morning Nixon came to wake me up with that ghostly Hello Kitty. He even completed it with spooky, ghost sound effects! Super adorable and best wake-up ever!

* Picking Nixon up from school today, and he was in the middle of finishing an art project. (tissue paper turkey). He was ready to go, mostly, and on the way to the car starts telling us "I had a bad day. I sat in the chair and was kind of bad."
   We talked about it in the car. I thanked him for his honesty and told him I appreciate his honest about his bad behavior. Then we discussed his behavior, why he was misbehaving and his subsequent punishment. He was really good about it and I did treat his punishment with the honesty in mind.

* Tonight Nixon asked for "purple nails with some sparkles". I happily painted his nails....and he ruined the mani when he went to the bathroom. haha
* Nixon also asked me for a "hand chopping, circle thingy on my back", which is Nixonese for a massage.