Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Opps...that's one joke that went too far.

* Nixon had an awesome day at school today! He had an index card full of stickers! Not one meltdown and was totally playing nicely with other kids when I arrived to pick him up! It was a wonderful change from the past couple weeks.

* I heard today, that Disney has their own on-site jail. I jokingly said "I just decided my goal is to go to jail at Disney! It sounds like a lot of fun!".
   Nixon was in the room with me and he got real serious real fast. He come over to me and said "Mom, you can't go to jail. We need you here with us" and he gave me a hug and kiss.
   He told me more than once I shouldn't want to go to jail, because jail is for bad people and I'm not a bad person.
   I told him I wouldn't be going to jail and I'd behave.

   He's such a buzzkill! (kidding....I'll go to Disney jail when he's old enough to WANT to be rid of me)

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