Monday, November 4, 2013

....and then he learned the phrase "vagina fruit"

* Nixon didn't have a good day at school. But it wasn't a bad day either. He didn't cry or whine, but he wasn't exactly participating either. When we got into the car, I laid down the law: no PSP, no iTouch and more than likely no TV tonight. We got home and he did his learning path, and then took a nap.
   He watched one TV show tonight of his liking.

* Nixon helped Mac and I clean up the sidewalk today. We all cleaned up the fallen leaves and bagged them. Nixon was a great help, using the rake and his hands to make piles for Mac to scoop the leaves up from. He helped us bring out trash and recycling too!
   Then he had a meltdown.
   Time out to the spare bedroom (no toys for him to play with in there). Then he did the crying and whining. It's fake crying. For every fake wail I heard, he added another minute to his time out. After reaching 15 minutes, I decided to try a different approach.
   I calmed him down and gave him a choice. He could settle down and write "I am sorry" 5 times or he could keep crying and talking back and go to bed. He chose to write "I am sorry" 5 times, then went downstairs and showed Mac and apologized.
   We were all good right after that.

* While I was making dinner, Nixon kept coming out to the kitchen and asking if dinner was done yet. For some reason I felt like he was under the impression I was not going to feed him.
   After the billionth trip of Nixon coming into the kitchen and saying "Mommy, is the pasta ready yet?" I kicked him out of the kitchen. I realized I needed to ask him what he wanted to drink, so I called him to the kitchen....he didn't respond. I called him response. I called him a third time, this time calling him "vagina fruit" and he came running over, laughing. "Mommy, what did you call me?" he asked. I told him and then asked him my question. He was cracking up and spent the rest of the time before dinner calling me, the cats and everything "vagina fruit".
   I had to tell him that it's okay to say that, but only at home. Never outside of the house and never, ever at school. It's a family nickname sort of thing.....his teachers will thank me, assuming they knew he was saying this.

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