Sunday, November 3, 2013

It's time!

* Nixon woke me up a little before 930am asking if we could go downstairs now. I got up and we went downstairs, leaving Mac to sleep in peace. I decided to make Nixon eggs and toast for breakfast, and Nixon asked if he could help. He broke one egg, and it sort of cracked in his hand and he freaked out! He was really upset that there was "slimy, messy egg stuff" on his hand. I cleaned it off and he was soon back to wanting to beat the eggs in the bowl for me.

* After breakfast, Nixon started digging into his dress-up box. He decided that today he was going to be Optimus Prime. He put the mask on, and then his rain boots. His rain boots were his "robot feet". He found his Optimus Prime costume and asked for a little help putting it on. Soon enough, he was walking around making robot sounds and using his robot voice!

* Watching the Eagles vs Raiders game today. Nixon asked to sit next to me. After he got all comfy, I asked him who his favorite football team was. He says "The Eagles!" and then says "They're going to beat the Giants." I had to correct him, as the Eagles lost to the Giants last week, but they were SPANKING the Raiders today!
  I kissed Nixon and told him he was my favorite child and not just because he's the only one I have. He says to me "I know, it's because I'm so cute!" Damn straight, son!

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