Sunday, November 24, 2013

He "blahed" in the morning, tripped over the cat and calmed himself by listening to my heartbeat.

Last night I spent the night moving flies onto an external hard drive and then backed up my laptop. After that I defragged and cleaned my hard drive...turns out that took a lot longer than I had expected. It was still running when I went to bed last night. 

This morning Nixon comes into the bedroom and tells me he "blahed" Nixonese for vomited. I go into the bathroom and he did, in the toilet, but it didn't look like anything serious. I tucked him back into bed and went back to sleep myself. He came back in a couple hours later and said he "blahed" again. He's had an awful wet cough lately, my thoughts were that he was coughing too hard and ended up bringing something up.
We woke up and I made Nixon some toast.

Nixon and Amber were both in the kitchen with me. Some how, Nixon ended up getting tripped by Amber and fell hard on his knees and hands on the kitchen floor. He was good about it, even apologized to Amber for falling over her. I iced his knee, while he sat down on the love seat.

He's in bed now, has been for almost 2 hours. He woke up crying a bit ago. He always wakes up crying when I put the vaporizer in his room. The odd thing is (odd as in this is a total mom thing) the heat is running and I have the TV on, his bedroom door is closed and I still heard him without him ever getting out of bed. I get into his room and snuggle him. He always says the most incoherent things when he's half-asleep. Tonight he told me he needed to go downstairs because he lost me and I was falling. I assured him I was not lost, I was holding him and we were not falling. He asked to listen to my heartbeat, so I let him listen to it. He relaxed in a few seconds and was ready to get back under his blankets. This kid kills me he's so sweet.

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