Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Nixon's making his list....

* During breakfast today, Nixon brings up Santa. He says he wants stompeez (those slippers that move when kids walk. Like they have ears that will go up with every step) and Fluttershy "because Santa has connections at Build-A-Bear, you know Momma". He thinks this because last year he got an Iron Man teddy bear from Build-A-Bear.
   He will have to decide on only one gift, because Santa likes to keep the load light for the safety of the reindeer.

* I started working on Nixon and his excessive whining today. He did one Time-Out in the spare bedroom, and 2 calm downs on the stairs with warnings if he whined he'd go up to the spare room for a time out. The stairs was for talking back, which usually leads to whining.
   By bedtime he was not whining and asking for things the correct way.
   It's a start.

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