Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Please let him sleep through till morning.....I don't want a repeat of last week's 3am drive with a wide-awake kiddo!

* After several, several long weeks of Nixon's non-stop snacking and then refusing to eat at meal times, I tried something different today. He asked for blueberry oatmeal for breakfast. He then refused to eat it. So I refused to let him have any snacks until lunchtime. If he was hungry, his oatmeal was still an option.
   Guess what? He ended up eating it about 2 hours later. I did re-heat it, just a touch, for him. He then also at him lunch.

* Nixon, one of the cutest little comic book store patrons ever, was in full-on charmer mode today! Just totally adorable, counting Green Lantern rings, telling me about Hulk and talking to all the store employees. He was even trying to set up his own photo op with the tentacle finger puppets. Oh he's so cute!

* It's another early bedtime for Nixon. He's been asleep since 6pm. Tonight I'm not waking him. Hopefully, he'll stay asleep all night....fingers crossed.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

He may sleep with Pinkie Pie, but he's also a sucker for the Avengers! His dad called him "A true Renaissance man", I like that term.

* I woke up this morning with a migraine brewing. When I went downstairs and made my coffee Nixon I told Nixon he needed to be quiet because my head hurt and I haven't had my coffee yet. While I'm standing in the kitchen, nursing my coffee, Nixon says to me in a most serious voice "Mom, I've got troubles. I need some coffee milk, it'll make my day better."
Who am I to deny a request like that? I grabbed a small coffee cup, poured about an ounce of coffee into it and filled the rest with milk. He sat down at the table and took a sip, then says "You know Mom, coffee tastes better when you make it." HA!

* I'm standing at the stove making dinner...
Nixon: Mommy, the rodeo's in town, but the cows are mean and they don't like me.
me: Oh? I hadn't heard the rodeo's in town.
Nixon: Yeah, they are. But the cows are mean and keep trying to hit me in the face.
me: Well, I'm sorry. I hadn't realized there were abusive cows at the rodeo. I'll be sure to keep you safe from them.
Nixon: Well Mom, it's gonna be hard because they just run through town with no warning. Pinkie Pie tried to stop them and they didn't even laugh at her jokes! They didn't laugh at her MOM!
me: That's not nice at all!
Nixon: I know, Mom!
me: Nixon....are you talking about the My Little Pony episode we watched yesterday?
Nixon: Of course. There's no such thing as a real rodeo. DUH!

* Best thing about re-reading the same (comic) book at bedtime? Nixon starts reading along with me! Tonight he read half of the smaller panels in Baby Avengers VS X-Men. Nothing better than hearing his cute little voice say "Let's see what'chu got, Cyclops!"

Monday, July 29, 2013

Nixon and Pinkie Pie, it's true love!

* Today Nixon got his Pinkie Pie. We went to breakfast, then went off to the mall to get his reward. First stop was to show Mac the giant fish tank in the mall. Nixon has a favorite fish and wanted to show Mac that fish (it's blue with a spiky looking fin on it).
  When it came time to get Pinkie Pie, Nixon was all business. Well, as business as a 4-year old can be. Happy to be going and doing the different areas to stuff his Pinkie Pie, with a couple hiccups. He didn't like waiting in line, he wanted to "wash" Pinkie Pie longer and he wanted something Angry bird he saw.
  When we left he was telling me how BeBe and Pinkie Pie were going to be best friends, and how he couldn't wait to introduce Pinkie Pie to BeBe (who was waiting for us in the car). It was all very cute.
   He napped with Pinkie Pie and is currently sleeping with her and BeBe as well. Totally adorable!

* Nixon woke me up this morning telling me he needed more X's because today is the day we're supposed to go to NY. It's going to be a long less than 3 weeks before we leave....

Sunday, July 28, 2013

BeBe...the reason I was woken up by a frantic child. A frantic child who does not know the meaning of "did you look in your room?"

* Apparently BeBe has new magician skills that allow him to completely disappear from Nixon. This morning Nixon insisted BeBe had "abracadabra'd" downstairs. I asked him if he threw him downstairs and Nixon said "No Mom, he walked".
    Oh, I think I forgot to mention when this all was happening: I was sleeping. He was so upset that BeBe was "hiding" I was forced to get up, out of bed, and search for him. He was ultimately found in Nixon's room, which I'd asked him to search himself. Nixon did not find him, I did, BeBe was hiding under Nixon's dinosaur pillow pet.

* Nixon knows we're going home to see my family in NY. I've marked it on his calendar. I'm preparing him for the long time he'll spend in his carseat. He's totally stoked.
   He also has zero concept of time. Every time we go out to the car now he thinks we're leaving for NY and gets mad when I tell him it's not time yet. I can't win....

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Ah...his dry-sarcasm training is coming along nicely!

* Nixon: I love you, Mom.
me: *kiss* I love you too, baby.
Mac: What am I, chopped liver?
me: Nixon, what about Daddy? Do you love Daddy?
Nixon: Yeah, I love Daddy too.
me: I think you should go tell him.
*Nixon goes running over to Mac*
Nixon: I like you Dad.
me: HOLY....*and then I lose my mind laughing*
Mac: Seriously?
Me: Nixon, that's not nice. Don't you love Daddy?
Nixon: I do. *gives Mac a hug* I like you Dad. I really like you Daddy.
Mac: Gee, thanks buddy.
me: Nixon, no more playing around. You're hurting Daddy's feelings.
Nixon: I'm sorry. I love you Daddy.

I know I shouldn't have laughed, but damn that kid is hilarious! He's so random and he's totally got our humor down to an art now. 

* Nixon is sometimes incredibly honest. Ask him a question, then ask him if he's lying and he'll tell you if he's lying.
Today he asked if he could ring the bell at the Post Office. Since we were (a) already at the counter and (b) had the clerk helping us, I explained no, he could not because it'd be rude. He asked to sit on the counter "to see better". I asked him if he really meant to "ring the bell", he said "yeah" then smiled, like he was so smart. I told him again, ringing the bell when you're already being helped is rude and not nice to the person who is helping us. He said he would be good and crossed-his-heart not to touch the bell. And he didn't, he sat there, quietly, the whole time. The clerk gave him a lollipop when we were done.

*Finally, the biggest Top News Story of the day:
Nixon completed Level 3 on! It was a preschool level, focusing on numbers and letters, basic shapes and colors. All the things he should know and would have learned in preschool.
Mac and I are so proud of him, but most importantly Nixon is proud of himself! So much so that he went right into Level 4: Pre-K lessons.
Monday morning we're going to take him out an let him get his reward for accomplishing this amazing fete! 

Friday, July 26, 2013

This is our son....and his defense is he learned it from Star Wars Angry Birds....really?!?!

* Nixon and I were eating breakfast this morning. I showed him the picture my sister sent me of my new nephew. Nixon says to me "Mommy, I'm a baby. I need a diaper". I kind of rolled with it and replied "Well, I don't have a diaper right now but why would you want one?". He thinks and then says "I'm growing up but I want to be your baby. Like a little baby."
  I reassure him that he'll always be my baby and I remind him that babies don't get to play Angry Birds and they have to sleep a lot and can't play with Lego's. I think he was over it at no Angry Birds.

* Nixon is sitting next to me on the sofa, with his fingers in his mouth
me: Fingers out.
Nixon: fingers in!
me: go to bed if you want fingers in
Nixon: (gets off the sofa and starts walking to the stairs) bowchickabowwow
me: *stunned silence followed by belly laughter*

* When Mac woke up, I explained the whole "bowchicabowwow" thing. Nixon then comes upstairs and starts saying it all over again, multiple times. We asked him where he learned that, while Mac was trying to change it to "brownchicken,browncow", and Nixon said "Space Angry Birds". Somehow I doubt that, but looks like I'm going to be putting some hours into that game soon. 
Always my baby....

Thursday, July 25, 2013

What else do you do at 3am with a child wide awake, but go for a drive and sit by the water to look at the moon?

* Ah, Nixon....woke up at 2am. We decided to see if Mac was busy and drove to the Academy. We were able to sit by the water at almost 3am, with Mac, and look at the sky and boats and just enjoy the quiet. It was amazing! It's something I'll cherish, a moment unexpectedly given to me and something that will never be duplicated.

* On the drive home, at 3am, Nixon and I were talking about his newest cousin due to arrive today. He's super excited about this and I asked him, because my sister hasn't decided on a name yet, if there was a name he likes for the baby.
Nixon: I don't know.
me: Any name you like a lot?
Nixon: Like what?
me: Well, something you like. Like your hamsters on your learning path.
Nixon: Oh no, they have names already!
me: Okay, if you got a new hamster what would you name it?
Nixon: Mom, can you list names and I'll tell you if I like it?
me: OKay. Captain?
Nixon: no
me: Tony
Nixon: no. Stark, I like Stark
me: Aunt Snotface should name her baby Stark?
Nixon: yes!
me: You don't think we should save that for our next pet?
Nixon: Yes. And for aunt Snotface's baby!
me: You want a pet and a cousin with the same name?
Nixon: Yes, it's perfect!

* We came home and went back to bed a little after 3:30am. Nixon slept in until after 8am,and then he just wanted to snuggle with me. He kept giving me kisses and hugs, which I adore, but dude I just fell asleep 4.5 hours ago! haha
   We had a lovely morning together. Breakfast at Dunkin Donuts, running errands together, laughing and just a great day. We just had a hilariously good time together. No tantrums, no fits, no bad moods.
   It was a rare but cherished good day all around!

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

"I have light yellow skin"

* (I was lightly tickling Nixon's nose this morning)
Nixon: What are you doing Mom?
me: Just looking at you, and your cute nose.
Nixon: Why?
me: Because I'm your mom and moms do silly things like that. Do you have my nose or Daddy's nose?
Nixon: Duh! I have my nose...Nixon's nose.
me: You do, huh?
Nixon: Yes, and I have light yellow skin.
me: Well, okay then.

* Watching TV, Nixon sees the Dawn commercial which shows the oil spill animal victims getting cleaned up.
Nixon: Mommy, I want a animal.
me: Huh? *then I get what he's saying* Oh, baby, those aren't animals to be pets, those are animals who are sick and need to be cleaned.
Nixon: I'll save them!
me: Nixon, I promise you. If there's ever something like that nearby, I'll take you and we'll go help save animals, okay?
Nixon: Really?
me: Yes baby, I would love to do that with you. Saving animals is very important and it'd be great to do that together with you.

* I told Nixon his newest cousin is expected to be born tomorrow. He says "Really? From Aunt Snotface's tummy?"
   Then I tell him we'll see the new baby next month when we go home to visit. He has the most amazing idea! "I'm going to meet my baby cousin and put him to sleep for a nap before the moon is up to keep him safe. Because you always put me to sleep when the moon is up and I'm always safe."
   He is too much, isn't he?!

* By the way, Nixon took a nap at 8:15pm I took him upstairs to his bed. He's asleep for the night, I hope. But I'm afraid it's going to be an early morning for me tomorrow....
Yeah, he might be going to college with those fingers in his mouth :(

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Good day, sad night

* My loving son adores nature. He loves being outside surrounded by trees, flowers, birds...all of it. This afternoon I took him to a path we haven't visited before but unfortunately we were not dressed properly for this muddy, thin, deep-in-the-woods path. We were getting feasted on by mosquitoes and legs getting cut by thorny bushes. Nixon was crying when I told him we had to leave. He wanted to stay and even told me "Mommy, I won't cry when it hurts just stay please". Poor kid.
   We went to the Naval Academy and we walked around the large field by the water. Nixon was in love just seconds after we got there.

* What a rough bedtime we had. Mac had training tonight, so it was Nixon and I on our own. Nixon got his shower and within seconds of getting out of the shower he starts crying and saying he missed his daddy.
   This went on for over 10 minutes! I managed to get Mac on the phone and they talked for a couple minutes, then Mac had to get to work.
   Nixon was still crying, in bed, snuggling with me. I pulled him onto my chest and handed him the picture frame he has of he and Mac together. He slowly calmed down and stopped crying. After a few more minutes of talking and cuddles, we said our good nights, gave our good night kisses and I left his room.

Monday, July 22, 2013

Today, MOM got the new nickname :)

* Nixon came into the bedroom today and announced that BeBe needed to take a poop. He then took BeBe into the bathroom, because I told him that's where we poop even BeBe. He comes back and says "Whew, that was a big poop. But he's all done now. I even wiped BeBe's butt!"
    I want to know why he can wipe BeBe's butt but wiping his own is a fight!

* Nixon has given me an awesome new nickname today. And I'm totally encouraging use of this name!
  Nixon has started calling me "Your Majesty". I don't know why he's doing it or where he came up with the idea, but I don't mind! He came over to me and said "Excuse me, your Majesty" and went on to ask me something. He then told me "Your majesty, you are pretty". And to get my attention he'd come over and say very cutely "Your Majesty!".
   Kate Middleton may have given birth to a prince today, but I gained a royal title!

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Yep, we might be raising a nudist.

* I was looking for something in Nixon's baby box today. Nixon was napping at the time. Well, I hadn't put it away before he woke up, so when he woke up he wanted to look through the box. The box is mostly clothes that I couldn't let go, first shoes, first Halloween costume and an ornament from his first christmas. Nixon was loving looking at everything and I was just amazed by how much he's grown! It was so odd seeing him holding the shoes that once were too big for him, now the size of the palm of his hand!
   I've saved it all in hopes that one day I'll make a quilt from everything I've kept.

* Before Nixon went to bed, I told him he needed to change clothes. He went into the bathroom and came out...completely naked! He starts wiggling his hips and laughing! I asked him what he was doing and he says "Mom, I'm doing my exercises!" Apparently, he likes to exercise in the nude. I guess we'll never have to buy a gym membership for him, unless someone knows of a nudist-friendly gym?

* Speaking of Nixon and nudity, Nixon says to me this morning: Mommy, you'll be okay when your peenie grows bigger.
   I explain to him, once again, that boys have penises and girls like me have vaginas. He says to me, "Well, Daddy and I can pee like this" he walks into the bathroom and pees standing up. Thus doing the one thing I can not do, that I have always wanted to do.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Have you met my son? Apparently he has 3 heads because he says "excuse me" and likes least that's what the people in the grocery store thought tonight.

* Nixon was super excited this morning when I woke up, made him breakfast right away and started getting ready for the day. We were meeting Mac at Third Eye Comics for a big tent sale. When we got there Nixon sat down and played Angry Birds while we waited. He was amazingly well-behaved. Only a couple times did he try to dart beyond the line of people which would have put him in the parking lot with cars possibly coming through.

* You know what's cool? Having a kid who will ask for broccoli over apples in the produce section. You know what's even cooler, watching other adults look at me with a secret awe look when they hear that request!
   That's right! If given the choice of apples or broccoli, Nixon will choose broccoli. But today he choose blueberries and bananas, because blueberries were cheaper. He then walked past a guy, said "Oh excuse me", to which I praised him for his use of manners. The guy? He turned 3 different times to look at Nixon, like he couldn't quite figure out what to think of him.
   That's okay, a lot of people are often puzzled by a child who has manners these days. I won't hold it against the guy. I'll just keep tell my kid he's awesome for using his manners, because...he is!

* Oh yeah...Nixon read a word all by himself today. He went into the spare bedroom, making sure everything was turned off. He went to the switch that controls the fan and said "'o-f-f' Mommy, that means off! I turned it off!" I almost cried I was so happy and proud of him! I even bragged about him to Mac when we saw him at Third Eye.

Friday, July 19, 2013

Little bunny foo foo sitting in the backyard, munching on the clover as Nixon quietly watches

* Sometimes Nixon does the most surprisingly random thing that just blows me away. Tonight, I noticed a small brown bunny in our backyard. We watched it for a moment then went inside. A few minutes later it was still there, so I grabbed my camera and went outside to quietly get some pictures of it. Nixon begged to come outside as well, and I honestly thought "Well, there goes the bunny". I was so, so wrong. Nixon sat behind me, in a lawn chair and quietly spoke to the bunny while I took the photos. We were out there for about 10 minutes, before I had to go inside (I was getting eaten alive by those damned mosquitoes). That bunny was in our yard, that I was aware of, for over half an hour. Nixon even set BeBe up in front of the sliding glass door because "BeBe would like to see the bunny too and he promises not to make a sound, mommy!"
   Isn't he just the cutest?!?!

* Nixon: You forgot my baby song.
me: It's late, way past your bedtime. You'll have to go to sleep without the baby song.
Nixon: But mom, babies still need their baby songs. It's very important for babies to have their baby songs.
me: Nixon, you're not a baby.
Nixon: But you said I'l always be your baby. *cue pouty face*
well played, Nixon, well played. 

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Maybe I'm too open & honest with him??

* Okay, so it goes like this: Yesterday Mac and I had a little "quality time", resulting in a mark (not hickey...more along the lines of a bruise) on me. Nixon saw it today and said "Oh mommy, you have a bad owie. Does it hurt? I know! A Star Wars band-aid will make it better. Those are super strong!"
   I tell him it's fine, it doesn't hurt and it's not really an owie. Then, before I can stop the words from leaving my lips I say, "Daddy did it to mommy, but not on purpose."
   Nixon, the most tender-hearted kid I know says "I'm gonna tell Daddy he needs to play nice! Right, Mommy? We can't be mean to our friends!"
   (He did eventually put a band-aid on the "owie" and he also did tell Mac he has to be nicer to me. So cute!)

   Thanks goddess he didn't ask how the mark was made or why it was there! haha

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Not quite there on his disappearing act.

* I woke this morning and found the house very quiet. Since I had already heard Nixon awake and moving around, this had me worried. I walked into his room (a disaster area, as usual) and found him, watching his PSP hiding under a giant plastic bin used for his toys! I asked him what he was doing and he says "Duh mom, I'm hiding from you! It's a good hiding job, right?"  Yeah, a big blue bin, upside down on your bed, with sound coming out from under it...totally a good hiding job!

* I had to spray down a chair we have, and Nixon was watching me do it. He's standing back saying "Wow mom, you're a hero! You're looking good cleaning that chair." which should sound sarcastic but he completely meant it in a supportive way.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

I'll bank all his kind and loving words said now for later days.

* Nixon wrote the letter "E" today! I couldn't be any prouder of I tried. He's doing so well with practicing his writing.

* Nixon says to me today "Mommy, I pooped a lot and now I'm out of energy to wipe my butt." When I tell him he won't get his sticker if I wipe his butt, he says to me "Waitwaitwait....I got my energy back. I'll do it." And he did!

* Nixon, king of the one liners today, says "Mom, what's that smell?", as Amber walks into the litter box. I say, "I don't kiddo, I think Amber's taking a poo." He says, "It's Amber's BUTT! She's POOPING! Stinky butt Amber!" and runs off chuckling.

* We ran to the store for milk and ice cream. While standing in line, Nixon grabs one of the tabloids and says "Mom, I need to read one of these." He opens it up and says "Do you believe this mess?" The couple behind us started cracking up!
   He was hugging me and telling me "I love you" and "You're my best friend". The woman in front of us turned to look at him and then me. I smiled and she says, very quietly, "Enjoy those words, because they aren't always that loving as they get older."

Monday, July 15, 2013

Bacon?!? Hell yeah I bought him a bacon print tie! I know he'll rock that mo'fo too!

* Nixon has wonderful manners. I can not complain about his "please", "excuse me" when we're out and about. But he's not so good at looking and talking to people when we sit down and eat out. He doesn't talk directly to the server, he speaks super softly and he gets annoyed with Mac or myself if we tell him he needs to speak louder.
  This morning at Denny's he got so annoyed he huffed his annoyance, grabbed his menu, opened it up and pointed to the smoothie choices. "Here! This one...please" he said as he pointed to the strawberry banana smoothie. I resisted the urge to ask her to "hold the attitude" haha

* There's something about Nixon when he gets super excited about something. I bought him a simple dry erase board to help him practice writing him letters and numbers on. He immediately wanted to start using it! Sat down at his table and wrote 4 lines of "words". I read an "F", "T", "S" and "I". I was most impressed with the "s" because it was the most legible.
    The dry erase board? It might have been a Star Wars Angry Birds one. Okay, it IS a Star Wars Angry Birds dry erase board. It hardly matters though because I'll use what ever it takes to get Nixon excited to start trying to write on his own. Learning is not learning when he thinks its a punishment....

* Nixon also got a new tie today. It's a bacon print tie. He loves it! It was a dollar at Target.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

One ant, relocate....three or more, it's time to die!

* little ant sympathiser. He says to me "Mommy, I need to help this one ant find a better home. He's lost." The ant was in the living room. When he sees more ants he says to me, "Mommy, it's time to get the killing spray, they are out of control!" haha

* Nixon: I'm never going to see my cousin J again.
me: Baby, you'll see him again. Not soon, but he's not gone forever.
Nixon: No, Mommy, he's gone forever. He left me.
me: Nixon, you're breaking my heart.
Nixon: Mine hurts too Mommy.

* Mac had the night off. We decided to get Taco Bell for dinner tonight. Nixon was so awesome in the car! He had Star Wars Angry Birds on Mac's iTouch and was content to quietly play that game the entire trip. It was wonderful and made me hopeful for any future road trips we may take, that we have that game with us at the ready for any traffic jams we hit.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Big appetite these days.....

* Just a boring day. Nothing happened.

* Can someone send Nixon a message? Something along the lines of: You don't have to eat everything in the house that's edible before noon? That'd be great, because he seems to think it's a challenge and he's trying to win an eating contest!

Friday, July 12, 2013

Wiping his ass on his sticker earned at a time. Bribery works, y'all!

* Nixon, this morning: Mom, can I have pretzels?
me: You haven't had breakfast yet.
Nixon: *very seriously* Mom, it's okay, no one is here, I can have pretzels now.
me: *laughing* Nixon, the family being here is not why I say no pretzels before breakfast, but that's  a good attempt at logic.
(he did NOT get pretzels for breakfast)

* I haven't been able to brag lately, about Nixon's good behavior because he hasn't really had really awesome behavior. Today, I get to brag!
  We had several places to go this morning and errands that HAD to be done. Nixon was fed and dressed and we were out the door on this rainy, dreary day.
   Post Office? Nixon was great. Stayed where I could see him the whole time I was at the counter (I should explain, our local post office is in the back of a small gift shop, so lots of things for Nixon to look at, but he stayed where I could see him). He was so good, I let him choose a small piece of candy.
   Next stop was the Pharmacy to pick up my meds. The wait was long, and there were several retirees waiting and no one close to my age, let alone Nixon's age. Out comes the PSP and Nixon was good. I got called up, and then told it'd be a bit. So I took Nixon to get a soda for me (I'd left the house and hadn't had any coffee!!) and a bag of pretzels for Nixon. We returned to the waiting area and Nixon sat down, watching his PSP and eating his pretzels as quiet as could be. I was so proud!!

* We're back to another sticker chart for Nixon. It's got 4 chores he needs to do on his own, he gets one sticker for completely each chore. 5 stickers in one chore box gets him a trip to the Toy Basket I have hidden.
   One chore? Wipe his own ass! He got a sticker in that box today! YAY!!

Thursday, July 11, 2013

"Until next time"

* Nixon was super sad to see his cousin, aunt and uncle head home today. We all were, but he took it the hardest. He's got a framed photo of him and J together, now sitting on his night stand which helped him calm down a little.

* A little nail polish helped him recover the rest of the way. I painted his nails and then he painted my big toe, because the nail polish on it had chipped off. He's pretty good at painting my toe nails. Very gentle.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Time flies when you want to avoid a good-bye

* Nixon and J have been having an absolute ball together. J, the little cutie he is, calls Nixon his brother. It's adorable because Mac and K reminisce about their own childhoods together as they're watching their sons friendship form. It's a beautiful thing.

* All good things must end and our time with J, J and K is ending tomorrow morning. They are heading home to Florida. I can't even begin to describe how awesome it was seeing them and watching the boys play together.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

The cousins are together again! How sweet it is!

* Nixon: Mommy, J is my best buddy! (J is his cousin, and this was said as we were driving to pick up J and his parents after their trip to see family in NYC)
   me: That's great!
   Nixon: Yeah, he's littler than me, but he's cool.
   me: He's littler? You mean younger?
   Nixon: No, I mean smaller. Like you. You are small but daddy is big. J is small and I am big.
   me: That's makes so much sense!
  Nixon: Mom, you need to be quiet and watch the road, it's dangerous to talk so much and drive.

* He was so excited to see J and J was excited to see Nixon. The almost hour long car ride home was filled with 2 very happy boys being very loud together! While it was great to see and hear them so happy to be together again, it was ouch for my ears.

* Nixon was so tired he went to bed, without a fight. Fell asleep, without sneaking downstairs. He was even found asleep on the floor by his uncle K! He hasn't slept walked in a long time! Poor kiddo :( Somehow I doubt this kind of exhaustion will translate into more sleep for mommy in the morning though....I can't get that lucky, right?!?

Monday, July 8, 2013

"He's so great at independent play"

* Today was a big day. We checked out the preschool I'd found with hopes Nixon will attend this fall.
   It's great! The curriculum allows for a lot of creativity and imagination play, which I love because that's sorely missing from public schools. He'll be going half-day, 3 days a week. Enough to work on his social skills but not too much to get overwhelmed and not still be excited by school.

   The administrator we met with was very impressed by Nixon's independent play ability. We know he needs work on his social skills, it's part of the reason we're sending him to school, but he's ahead when it comes to playing by himself and enjoying it. He was totally at ease with playing around kids quite older than him without playing with them. It did not phase him at all that he was by himself with new toys.

* We took Nixon for a walk by the river tonight. He took a photo of Mac and I together:

He's got skills, right??