Monday, July 15, 2013

Bacon?!? Hell yeah I bought him a bacon print tie! I know he'll rock that mo'fo too!

* Nixon has wonderful manners. I can not complain about his "please", "excuse me" when we're out and about. But he's not so good at looking and talking to people when we sit down and eat out. He doesn't talk directly to the server, he speaks super softly and he gets annoyed with Mac or myself if we tell him he needs to speak louder.
  This morning at Denny's he got so annoyed he huffed his annoyance, grabbed his menu, opened it up and pointed to the smoothie choices. "Here! This one...please" he said as he pointed to the strawberry banana smoothie. I resisted the urge to ask her to "hold the attitude" haha

* There's something about Nixon when he gets super excited about something. I bought him a simple dry erase board to help him practice writing him letters and numbers on. He immediately wanted to start using it! Sat down at his table and wrote 4 lines of "words". I read an "F", "T", "S" and "I". I was most impressed with the "s" because it was the most legible.
    The dry erase board? It might have been a Star Wars Angry Birds one. Okay, it IS a Star Wars Angry Birds dry erase board. It hardly matters though because I'll use what ever it takes to get Nixon excited to start trying to write on his own. Learning is not learning when he thinks its a punishment....

* Nixon also got a new tie today. It's a bacon print tie. He loves it! It was a dollar at Target.

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