Friday, July 19, 2013

Little bunny foo foo sitting in the backyard, munching on the clover as Nixon quietly watches

* Sometimes Nixon does the most surprisingly random thing that just blows me away. Tonight, I noticed a small brown bunny in our backyard. We watched it for a moment then went inside. A few minutes later it was still there, so I grabbed my camera and went outside to quietly get some pictures of it. Nixon begged to come outside as well, and I honestly thought "Well, there goes the bunny". I was so, so wrong. Nixon sat behind me, in a lawn chair and quietly spoke to the bunny while I took the photos. We were out there for about 10 minutes, before I had to go inside (I was getting eaten alive by those damned mosquitoes). That bunny was in our yard, that I was aware of, for over half an hour. Nixon even set BeBe up in front of the sliding glass door because "BeBe would like to see the bunny too and he promises not to make a sound, mommy!"
   Isn't he just the cutest?!?!

* Nixon: You forgot my baby song.
me: It's late, way past your bedtime. You'll have to go to sleep without the baby song.
Nixon: But mom, babies still need their baby songs. It's very important for babies to have their baby songs.
me: Nixon, you're not a baby.
Nixon: But you said I'l always be your baby. *cue pouty face*
well played, Nixon, well played. 

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