Sunday, July 28, 2013

BeBe...the reason I was woken up by a frantic child. A frantic child who does not know the meaning of "did you look in your room?"

* Apparently BeBe has new magician skills that allow him to completely disappear from Nixon. This morning Nixon insisted BeBe had "abracadabra'd" downstairs. I asked him if he threw him downstairs and Nixon said "No Mom, he walked".
    Oh, I think I forgot to mention when this all was happening: I was sleeping. He was so upset that BeBe was "hiding" I was forced to get up, out of bed, and search for him. He was ultimately found in Nixon's room, which I'd asked him to search himself. Nixon did not find him, I did, BeBe was hiding under Nixon's dinosaur pillow pet.

* Nixon knows we're going home to see my family in NY. I've marked it on his calendar. I'm preparing him for the long time he'll spend in his carseat. He's totally stoked.
   He also has zero concept of time. Every time we go out to the car now he thinks we're leaving for NY and gets mad when I tell him it's not time yet. I can't win....

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