Tuesday, July 9, 2013

The cousins are together again! How sweet it is!

* Nixon: Mommy, J is my best buddy! (J is his cousin, and this was said as we were driving to pick up J and his parents after their trip to see family in NYC)
   me: That's great!
   Nixon: Yeah, he's littler than me, but he's cool.
   me: He's littler? You mean younger?
   Nixon: No, I mean smaller. Like you. You are small but daddy is big. J is small and I am big.
   me: That's makes so much sense!
  Nixon: Mom, you need to be quiet and watch the road, it's dangerous to talk so much and drive.

* He was so excited to see J and J was excited to see Nixon. The almost hour long car ride home was filled with 2 very happy boys being very loud together! While it was great to see and hear them so happy to be together again, it was ouch for my ears.

* Nixon was so tired he went to bed, without a fight. Fell asleep, without sneaking downstairs. He was even found asleep on the floor by his uncle K! He hasn't slept walked in a long time! Poor kiddo :( Somehow I doubt this kind of exhaustion will translate into more sleep for mommy in the morning though....I can't get that lucky, right?!?

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