Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happy Independence Day, America!

* Nothing really super American happening here.

* Nixon says to me today "Mommy, guess what?" and before I can respond he says "You're gonna get old.", but he says it very matter-of-factually not at all with the humor he's said it with previously.

* Tonight, Nixon saw me looking at random photos and he noticed a woman with a largely pregnant belly. He says "Baby Nixon's in there!" and points to her belly. I tell him "No, silly, my baby Nixon is right here" and I start kissing him.
   Then I asked him if he wanted to see pictures of me when he was in my belly. He was very excited and we looked at some of the pictures I do have of me being pregnant with him. He was in awe of the photo of me taken just days before Nixon was born.....I was HUGE! haha It was nice that he was interested in his baby pictures, and pictures of my pregnancy with him. I love sharing those memories with him sitting right next to me asking me questions.

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