Saturday, July 20, 2013

Have you met my son? Apparently he has 3 heads because he says "excuse me" and likes least that's what the people in the grocery store thought tonight.

* Nixon was super excited this morning when I woke up, made him breakfast right away and started getting ready for the day. We were meeting Mac at Third Eye Comics for a big tent sale. When we got there Nixon sat down and played Angry Birds while we waited. He was amazingly well-behaved. Only a couple times did he try to dart beyond the line of people which would have put him in the parking lot with cars possibly coming through.

* You know what's cool? Having a kid who will ask for broccoli over apples in the produce section. You know what's even cooler, watching other adults look at me with a secret awe look when they hear that request!
   That's right! If given the choice of apples or broccoli, Nixon will choose broccoli. But today he choose blueberries and bananas, because blueberries were cheaper. He then walked past a guy, said "Oh excuse me", to which I praised him for his use of manners. The guy? He turned 3 different times to look at Nixon, like he couldn't quite figure out what to think of him.
   That's okay, a lot of people are often puzzled by a child who has manners these days. I won't hold it against the guy. I'll just keep tell my kid he's awesome for using his manners, because...he is!

* Oh yeah...Nixon read a word all by himself today. He went into the spare bedroom, making sure everything was turned off. He went to the switch that controls the fan and said "'o-f-f' Mommy, that means off! I turned it off!" I almost cried I was so happy and proud of him! I even bragged about him to Mac when we saw him at Third Eye.

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