Monday, July 8, 2013

"He's so great at independent play"

* Today was a big day. We checked out the preschool I'd found with hopes Nixon will attend this fall.
   It's great! The curriculum allows for a lot of creativity and imagination play, which I love because that's sorely missing from public schools. He'll be going half-day, 3 days a week. Enough to work on his social skills but not too much to get overwhelmed and not still be excited by school.

   The administrator we met with was very impressed by Nixon's independent play ability. We know he needs work on his social skills, it's part of the reason we're sending him to school, but he's ahead when it comes to playing by himself and enjoying it. He was totally at ease with playing around kids quite older than him without playing with them. It did not phase him at all that he was by himself with new toys.

* We took Nixon for a walk by the river tonight. He took a photo of Mac and I together:

He's got skills, right?? 

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