Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Good day, sad night

* My loving son adores nature. He loves being outside surrounded by trees, flowers, birds...all of it. This afternoon I took him to a path we haven't visited before but unfortunately we were not dressed properly for this muddy, thin, deep-in-the-woods path. We were getting feasted on by mosquitoes and legs getting cut by thorny bushes. Nixon was crying when I told him we had to leave. He wanted to stay and even told me "Mommy, I won't cry when it hurts just stay please". Poor kid.
   We went to the Naval Academy and we walked around the large field by the water. Nixon was in love just seconds after we got there.

* What a rough bedtime we had. Mac had training tonight, so it was Nixon and I on our own. Nixon got his shower and within seconds of getting out of the shower he starts crying and saying he missed his daddy.
   This went on for over 10 minutes! I managed to get Mac on the phone and they talked for a couple minutes, then Mac had to get to work.
   Nixon was still crying, in bed, snuggling with me. I pulled him onto my chest and handed him the picture frame he has of he and Mac together. He slowly calmed down and stopped crying. After a few more minutes of talking and cuddles, we said our good nights, gave our good night kisses and I left his room.

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