Tuesday, July 16, 2013

I'll bank all his kind and loving words said now for later days.

* Nixon wrote the letter "E" today! I couldn't be any prouder of I tried. He's doing so well with practicing his writing.

* Nixon says to me today "Mommy, I pooped a lot and now I'm out of energy to wipe my butt." When I tell him he won't get his sticker if I wipe his butt, he says to me "Waitwaitwait....I got my energy back. I'll do it." And he did!

* Nixon, king of the one liners today, says "Mom, what's that smell?", as Amber walks into the litter box. I say, "I don't kiddo, I think Amber's taking a poo." He says, "It's Amber's BUTT! She's POOPING! Stinky butt Amber!" and runs off chuckling.

* We ran to the store for milk and ice cream. While standing in line, Nixon grabs one of the tabloids and says "Mom, I need to read one of these." He opens it up and says "Do you believe this mess?" The couple behind us started cracking up!
   He was hugging me and telling me "I love you" and "You're my best friend". The woman in front of us turned to look at him and then me. I smiled and she says, very quietly, "Enjoy those words, because they aren't always that loving as they get older."

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