Monday, July 29, 2013

Nixon and Pinkie Pie, it's true love!

* Today Nixon got his Pinkie Pie. We went to breakfast, then went off to the mall to get his reward. First stop was to show Mac the giant fish tank in the mall. Nixon has a favorite fish and wanted to show Mac that fish (it's blue with a spiky looking fin on it).
  When it came time to get Pinkie Pie, Nixon was all business. Well, as business as a 4-year old can be. Happy to be going and doing the different areas to stuff his Pinkie Pie, with a couple hiccups. He didn't like waiting in line, he wanted to "wash" Pinkie Pie longer and he wanted something Angry bird he saw.
  When we left he was telling me how BeBe and Pinkie Pie were going to be best friends, and how he couldn't wait to introduce Pinkie Pie to BeBe (who was waiting for us in the car). It was all very cute.
   He napped with Pinkie Pie and is currently sleeping with her and BeBe as well. Totally adorable!

* Nixon woke me up this morning telling me he needed more X's because today is the day we're supposed to go to NY. It's going to be a long less than 3 weeks before we leave....

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