Friday, July 5, 2013

Star Wars Angry Birds Anonymous....SWABA for short. Anyone else looking for these meetings?? No, just me? Well, crap!

* Nixon and I got up this morning, got dressed and hit the nearby trail for a little walk/run exercise. Nixon was awesome, he'd get behind me and say "Mommy, you gotta move or I'll cut you!" or he'd be in front of me and he'd say "MOM, why am I winning?!Because you are old!" It only sounds cruel if you don't know our family.
  He also kept count while I did some push-ups (he did them with me!), squats (cutest sight ever is to watch him doing squats!), crunches and jumping jacks. He's adorable and a little bossy, but I need a little of both in my workouts.

* Anyone know of a good Star Wars Angry Birds rehab center? Nixon's going to need one soon. He's limited to one session a day, which lasts less than an hour because Mac's iTouch battery is crap. But gravy, he asks for it multiple times a day.

* Nixon is once again, freaking out about ants. *sigh*
asleep on the pullout bed, still made for his cousin J. So cute!

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